29 September 2011

This Week....

•Addison started getting her top left tooth on the 24th. So now she is still growing those outside ones (outside of her two front teeth), the top right and the top left is just peeking through!

•We had Addi's 15 month appointment on Monday. She weighs 19 lb. 5 oz. and is 29 3/4 inches long. WOO for growth!!!

•Tuesday, I kept Makayla home from preschool since she got sick this past weekend. She stayed the weekend with Grandma and the kids and then she got sick. :( Poor babe! Anyway, she sounded pretty rough, so I kept her home. I also missed the first day of my new Bible study at our new church!! I was sad about that, but I'll be there next week! :)

•We went to the zoo today with my dad. Addison was in rare form and she was pretty pissed all day. Kept crying about nothing...at least that's how it looked to me, but I guess I'll never know. Makayla LOVED it. She loved checking out all the animals at the Akron Zoo! Both the girls loved getting a new stuffed animal from the gift shop, too. Courtesy of Feta, of course. We loved eating at the cafe and spending the day together. It was a blast! I just love the zoo and I love that M is so freaking smart and always wants to see everything and learn more and do more. She amazes me.

•We had dinner at Nicolinni's tonight with my dad, too. It was delicious.

•The girls napped HORRIBLY. Makayla didn't nap and Addison woke up twice during nap time. Then, we got her up early to go to dinner. She was still good while we were out, though. Love that kid.

•During nap time, Makayla decided it would be super fun to take her toothbrush, Addison's toothbrush and the four extra toothbrushes I had for the girls and put them in Vick's VapoRub. She then proceeded to put VapoRub on her drinking cup in her bathroom, on her left eyebrow and all over her chest. It was a mess. Her hair was stuck to her chest and there were (still are) globs of VapoRub on everything in the bathroom. I just can't deal with it. It's so gross.

When she got sick the other day, we put some on her chest before bed time and she wanted some on today for nap time. Well, instead of coming and asking me to put some on her, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Needless to say, I was VERY upset with her. And I think I handled it (mostly) well. No spanking happened. I just kept telling her how disappointed I was in her and that she wasted money by destroying so many things and ruining brand new toothbrushes. As I was giving her a bath, I kept telling her that she just threw money in the trash and that is not okay since we are doing everything to save money to bring our baby home. I kept on and on and on. I was stern with her and maybe, at times, a bit harsh, but she has to know that this is not acceptable. So, after a good hair and body washing, I got her out and asked her to repeat to me what she did wrong. And she did! Of course, this battle is not over. She is only 3, after all. But, I think we made some headway here.

I was beyond irate today, but after talking it over with her and thinking about it in the grand scheme of life, it wasn't that bad. She's 3 and she wants to get into stuff. Maybe I'll just have to lock the bathroom door from now on. Oh yeah, I told her that she will not be allowed in any bathroom alone again. She goes potty all by herself now and doesn't want anyone in there, but I told her that she can still go potty by herself, just that someone will always have to be in the bathroom with her. She gets it.

•I've been doing a lot of apologizing lately. Believe it or not, I'm not perfect! I screw up so bad sometimes. I say awful, nasty things to people. I forget stuff. I screw up. And I have to say sorry. I've been talking to some people and trying to make amends. I can only do my part and then the ball is in their court. Everyone has been receptive so far, which is awesome. I'm just glad that people are being honest with me and sharing their feelings. I have learned a lot about myself these past couple years since some stuff has happened and it makes me feel good. I'm learning how to own up to my actions and it's just really, really good.

•I'll be a mama to three again tomorrow. We're having little Emma stay with us again while her mommy goes to the hospital for an appointment. Pray for us all! Makayla has snack duty tomorrow at preschool!! She's pretty stoked.

And I'm going to watch Scrubs.

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