23 September 2011

Addison 15 Months.

Dear Addison,

Today you are 15 months old! I can't believe how quickly you are growing these days! It's like time is flying before my eyes.

You took your first assisted steps yesterday! You were walking while holding on to your toy stroller and it was amazing!! I have been waiting for this day! :)

You are getting your fifth tooth right now...the top right one! We love it!

You look like a little vampire when you do your crazy, squinty smile and your little vamp teeth show. It's pretty much adorable.

You LOVE your Monk-Monk...which is what we very lovingly call your monkey stuffed animal that Daddy picked for you to sleep with. You do this super cute thing where you grab him and give him a huge hug and lay your head on his (Monk-Monk's, that is...). It's pretty much too cute for words.

You also do this really cute thing...who am I kidding, EVERYTHING you do is cute!....where you lay on your belly on a pillow or stuffed animal and then kick your feet. You smile and laugh the whole time. I'm telling you, it's crazy adorable!

You LOVE Sister's Dora microphone. You always dance to the music and when it stops, you hand it to me to make it start playing again. You do this super funny dance where you arch your back out reaaaaaaally slowly and then stick your belly out even slower than that! It is hilarious! And of course, you're smiling super huge the whole time!

You are SUCH a joy to have in this family. We adore watching you grow up and seeing you and Makayla interact together. Your sister is getting to be much more loving towards you, though she still has her moments.

You have officially become 'Sissy'. I fought it for as long as I could. Oh, it was hard. I called you 'Sisty Bisty', which stuck for quite a while, but then M started calling you Sissy and I just couldn't stop her. I hate that word, but I'm coming around to it. It is you, after all. ;)

You are just too precious and I love you with every fiber of my being. You are going to do big things, baby girl.

I love you,

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