22 September 2011

Recent Happs.

I've been slacking on keeping up with what the girlies are doing these days. So, here is my catch up post.

Makayla just sang Jesus Loves Me on Aug. 31st. It made my heart SO happy!!

Makayla pointed out Africa on an Atlas in Borders on Saturday Sept. 2nd!!! LOVE her.

She says 'Mix Donald's'.

She says 'for-a-got' instead of forgot.

She dances like a wild woman and I love it!

Addison stood up in her crib for the first time on Sept. 2nd!

I noticed last week (or the week before last?) that Addison's front right tooth is coming in!! She has her little vampire teeth coming in AND that right front tooth. 

Addi smiles SOOOOO huge these days that her eyes squint! It's super adorable.

On Tuesday Sept. 20th, Addison was smiling a lot in her booster seat during lunch and Makayla looked at me and said, "When she smiles too much, I get really angry at her." I don't really know why she said that, but I thought it was pretty hilarious.

Yesterday, Makayla said, "Mommy, I love Africa! Are we going to get an Ethiopia baby?!"

Me: "I love Africa, too! We ARE going to get an Ethiopia baby!" 

M: "Daddy and Addi do, too! That's why Jesus is in our hearts!!" 


Also, TODAY, Addison walked with her (toy) stroller for the FIRST TIME!!! Yep, September 22nd. And she'll be 15 months old tomorrow! I just can't believe how fast this is all going!! It was kinda funny because I was getting ready to pick up Makayla from preschool and I turned around and said, "Alright, Addi, you ready to go?" and she is walking behind her stroller!! Holding on, obviously, but oh man, I fa-reaked!! In a good way. But, then she tripped over her too long pants, fell and cried. But, she did it! She's getting there!!

That's about it for now. I just love my girls so much!!!

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