19 September 2011

Craft Time (Again!), New Bedding and Other Fun Things.

I've been on a craft kick lately! Like, crazy craziness. It's been awesome, though. I love crafting. It brings me so much joy to get something completed, you know? Anyway, I'm here to show you my most recent creations. Get ready!! Picture overload coming your way!!

I bought these plates when we first moved to Ohio. I then became obsessed with blue and white plates. We just now hung them on the wall. And I love! 
Our little reading nook. See that other blue plate sitting on my awesome $20 drum table? Yeah, that plate cost me .50 cents!!
Finally got around to hanging one of the other vinyl things we got from a review last year! LOVE!
It's in the entry way, so it's the first thing you see when you walk in.
Looking in to the dining room. See it up there? 
A placemat from Pier 1 that I got for...
See that? .98 cents!! I all kinds of love it.
I made it into a pillow! GO ME!!
Here's the back. Just cut open part of one side, used some stuffing I already had on hand, sewed up the side and voila! Brand new pillow for .98 cents!!
Two more placemats for...
You guessed it! .98 cents each!
Here are some cloth napkins that I made into pillow covers. I used those ugly blue pillows for the filler. 
All finished! SUPER easy! I just sewed two cloth napkins together on three sides, slid the pillow in and then sewed up the other side. Two brand new pillows for $6! $1.49 for each napkin and the pillows were free since I've had them for years!
Brand new comfy pillows! So cute! 
Here is my glorious embellishment center all ready to be filled up!! This thing sells for $80, but you know I'm not about to spend that crazy amount of money on something that's just going to hang on my wall! I went to Michael's with a 15% off coupon one day and then found this little guy on sale for 50% OFF!! So, with my 15% off coupon, I got this baby for $34 out the door! WAHOO!!! Stay tuned for pics with it all filled up... 
Here is what my craft room used to look like...crazy mess, I know. We're getting there, though!
Before I filled up my sweet little thing. Stay tuned for more progress pics in the future!!
Now, I am VERY proud of this baby. I love our new play room artwork! It's just a box of 64 crayons hot glued onto a canvas. Then take a hair dryer and melt those babies!! LOVE!!! 
Close up shot!

I just can't get enough!! It makes me smile every time I look at it!!

Beautiful colors!!
Here is our glorious new bedding! Here we come grey and yellow bedroom!!! 
Throw pillows that came with the set.
Close up of the comforter. 
Here are my wall hangings that I made! Just some fabric in an embroidery hoop. That's it! Super cheap and super easy!! I'll be adding more to our wall since this just isn't enough.
I had this frame from an earlier post and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Well, I found this great Ohio online, printed it out and framed it! Now it hangs in our purple and yellow bathroom downstairs!
Close up shot!
Remember my menu board? Here it is hanging on the wall! I made a new 'Menu' label for it since you couldn't really see the other one.
Up close! Now you know what we're having for dinner this week. :) 
I also organized and labeled our pantry. SO much better than what it looked like before! I don't even have any before shots, but it was so hard to find anything in there! 
Cute labels, huh? 
The brown sugar one does now have brown sugar in it. ;)
See that? Yeah, it's a placemat from the Dollar Store. 
I made it into a clutch!
Super cute, huh?? I know you can't really see, but this is the inside. All I did was fold it where I wanted it to be, pin it, sew it and done! I'm planning to add a cream flower to cover the magnetic part on the outside. Need to get some cream fabric first!
Remember those other placemats above?? Well, here are some more pillows! These cost me a total of $2.00! I cut open this ugly brown pillow and used the stuffing from that for the big one and the other one has a pillow form in it from Makayla's room. She wasn't using it, so I did. I did have to do some cutting to that placemat, obviously. But, I'm so happy with them!
The backs! They live in our play room now and they are a great, fun addition!
Here is my other placemat pillow all comfy in my $3 garage sale chair! 
The colors match PERFECTLY! And I didn't even know that when I bought it! So great when that happens!!
I just adore this print. Too bad there was only one left! At least I found the perfect place for it, though. :D

I have also been on a winning streak lately! I have won this great subway art from My Suite Bliss. I love it! It will be hanging in the craft room very soon...stay tuned!

I also won two Ugandan necklaces from Jonathan and Rachel's blog. Can't wait to get those bad boys in the mail!

I also won a book called Gospel Centered Life from Together for Adoption's blog!

And my latest win that I just got in the mail...this fabulous Africa ornament from The Jenkins' Journey blog!! I snapped some pics for your viewing pleasure. LOVE it!!

I think that's all for now. Wow, that was a hard post to write. Maybe I should update more frequently in between craft binges?! We'll see how that goes... ;)

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Michelle said...

I love all the crafts! Wish we live closer so you could teach me :) I especially love the crayola canvas art! I'm totally doing that with Samantha. LOVE IT!!