29 September 2011


We got our I-171H in the mail TODAY!!!!!! I am SO excited!!!

That is the LAST piece of the puzzle before we can send in our dossier!!!! WOO!!!!

I'm just so thrilled!!!!!! It took us 20 days to get it after we got fingerprinted. Not bad!!

So, now we have to get it notarized, then make 5039403804 bajillion copies and our paperwork will be sent to AWAA and then off to Ethiopia!!!! Then we'll officially be on the waitlist!!! GAH!!!!

Yeah, I'm just a little bit excited. Reign it in, Lindsey....

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Kristen said...

Amazing news!!! So glad it's all coming together.

Elizabeth said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!!! Yayyy!!! I will be waiting for your big DTE date!!!

the Shipe's said...

congrats girl! how exciting is EVERY single step!

Abby said...

Best feeling ever when you have it all sent in and out of your hands...and you're almost there:) YAY!!!!