21 August 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

We have had yet another busy week around here! And no time to blog...again. :)

But, I'm not sure that I can blame that on our week. I think I need to blame that on Pinterest. Oh my word, you guys!! That website is insanely awesome!!! I'm kind of obsessed. It's not healthy. So, switched out Facebook for Pinterest. Such is life, I guess. Go check it out! Great recipes, crafts, places to see, etc. It's amazing.

Anyway, back to our week.

Monday we stayed at home and caught up on laundry, which I happen to be doing again right now. How does that happen?! Every week.... ;) I went to my mom's to watch Bachelor Pad in the evening. Love!

Tuesday, Sarabeth and her girls came over to play. We had a blast having them over!! The girls tore apart our playroom, which is awesome, because that's what it's for!

Wednesday, I discovered Pinterest. Seriously, it's fabulous. I cannot get enough!! Just awesome. My mom and I went to Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for some crafts.

Thursday, the girls and I went to see Adam for lunch. We had Pizza Hut and it was super fun to see Daddy at work!! Nap time came very quickly, which was a plus for Mommy. Pinterest time!!! :D

Friday, Adam had off and my mom took Makayla for the day. Addison slept all day, like she always does. But, that morning (the 19th), I felt inside Addi's mouth since I hadn't done that in a while, just lookin' for a tooth, expecting nothing. And lo and behold....she's getting two!!! The top left lateral incisor was busting through!! I checked on the other side and the right one is making it's way very slowly...it's not busting through yet, but I could feel it. :) I'm so excited that she's getting more teeth!

Anyway, the rest of Friday was pretty rad. Addi slept, like I said. I worked on this super awesome great project for Makayla allll day long. I am so proud of it! I made her a roll up felt mat for car rides!! I made all these super cute little things to go with it, too. Here's a picture (or four):

Princess, castle, prince, tree, clouds, birds and carriage on the mat!

And again, off the mat this time.

The mat, rolled up and velcro-ed.

All the pieces in the little pocket I made on the outside!

I am beyond in love with this thing!!! It is like the coolest ever. And I am totally proud of it. Adam thinks I should sell them for adoption fundage. Anyone interested? It's a lot of work, so I'm not going to make one unless somebody actually wants one. It was pretty fun, though!

So, then after I made that, I went and picked up Makayla and we hung out at home for the rest of the night. It was nice, easy, fun day. :)

Saturday was super busy!!! We had our AWAA Ohio Reunion in Galloway, Ohio. It was a blast!!!! There were two families there that we already knew, Faith and Katie! It was nice to see them and to meet some new people that are also adopting from Ethiopia! It was such a fun day. I kind of loved it. 

So after that, we came home to....our annual block party!!! We got to meet some new neighbors, which is always nice. We had a lot of fun there, too! Makayla LOVES all the kids that live around here!! 

Makayla also rode a bike for the first time!! It was so much fun to watch. She doesn't know how to turn yet, but we're getting there. It was so precious. The kids had a bike parade where they decorated their bikes and then went up and down the street. It was so cute!! She stayed up past her bedtime and with no nap! She was such a good girl for having such a long day. Addi was there, too, but she's the littlest one around here, so she stayed in the stroller. :)

M on Laney's old bike (the girl in the back).

Lots of the kids!!

M and Laney. Laney said Makayla is her best friend! :)

Kids, kids, kids!!

My big girl!!

She got about a third of the way down the street. :)


We had a busy day and we loved it! I'm pretty sure we didn't sit down until 9:30 last night. HA!

That's our weekly wrap-up! Today, we're chillin' at home and lovin' it. Watching Scrubs right now while the girls nap. Had Chipotle for lunch. Going to go relax for a while now.

I'm hoping to get a craft room set up soon! I'm super excited for that!! More to come!!! :)

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