18 August 2011

And AGAIN, He does it!!!

Oh my word, you guys.

I just got a $180 donation from my amazing and beautiful friend, Amanda.

I'm writing this through the tears streaming down my face. Our dossier is completely funded because of this last donation. COMPLETELY FUNDED. Can you believe that?!

Amanda has been our ever faithful friend, donating from each and every paycheck, having an eBay auction and donating all the proceeds to us.

And now, she donated 10% of her car sales to us!!!!! To make us fully funded to turn in our dossier!!!!!! You have NO idea how beautiful this is to me.

I can't stop the tears. What an amazing woman. God is bustin' it out with His faithfulness these days. I have never seen Him be more faithful to us than during this adoption process. I just can't believe it. I'm blown away. I don't even know what to say.

Here is what Amanda wrote with her beautiful donation:

"10% of my car sales!!! Holla! Now you can send in your dossier! (That kind of rhymed didn't it?) I am at least expecting a picture of the girls with the new baby when he or she comes - oh and make sure dooooooogggggiieee is in the picture too. :) For my mantle of course."

Sweet Amanda, you will be getting so much more than just a picture of our new child and the girls (and Doggie!). We WILL come visit you and you will get to meet this treasure that you have helped bring home. I love you so very, very much. I am beyond thankful that the Lord has brought you into our lives.

Jesus gets all the glory for this!!! We praise You, Lord!!! Thank You so much for the blessing of friendship and for hearts to be moved. 

Amanda, you are storing up your treasures in Heaven. Our sweet angel will come thank you personally one day, I can assure you that.

And this in the midst of us talking about where the rest of this money is going to come from. God works in crazy awesome ways, let me tell you. I am SO happy that He is writing this love story and bringing some amazing people to help us out with it.

I am just blown away. Wow. And still totally crying. I wasn't expecting that tonight, but let me tell you that it was an insanely pleasant surprise. :)


jkseevers said...

This is AWESOME, Lindsey! Totally!!! YAY, GOD!! Now get that homestudy DONE, so you can get that dossier sent in;)

Looking forward to seeing you on Sat. I'll bring your tshirt to you;)


Anonymous said...

Aggghhh you totally made me cry and I like never do that anymore, haha. I wasn't sure if you got my message or not but I had to rush home and check my Facebook. I love seeing the little green thinger all filled up!!!! Oh how I kept praying for more ways to help you guys out. I got EXACTLY the amount on my car I was praying for, no less. My car had only been up for sale for THREE days and I sold it to a man this evening that came to me with a wad of cash on the spot! I think about you guys and this baby daily and love helping. I will do all that I can when I can. I love your family so much Linds!!! You guys were so kind and so welcoming to me during one of the hardest times of my life, I will never forget that and the Lord puts you on my heart constantly in ways He has never done with others.