17 August 2011

Brag Time!!

My husband is pretty amazing. If you have the blessing of knowing him in real life, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

He bends over backwards for his family, his friends, his church. He is astounding. He loves the Lord and he wants our lives to always honor Jesus. I love this man.

And, my fabulous husband will be participating in the Run For Your Lives 5K in Maryland this year!! He is raising support to participate in this run and all the money goes to....you guessed it!! OUR ADOPTION!!!

Please check out his blog to learn more about how you can support him. And since he doesn't have a donate button up yet, feel free to come back here, click on that yellow Donate button and support my fabulous husband in his endeavor to bring our baby HOME!!! :)


The Dad Guy


Kristen said...

I can vouch for the amazingness!


Anonymous said...

OMG Linds please make the little green thermometer go up once you get my present. Not seeing the goal has been driving me flippin' nuts ever since you put it up there. :)

Love yas.