22 August 2011


Such a beautiful, inconspicuous piece of paper...
We got our notice from USCIS saying that they received our paperwork for our I-600A!!!!!!!!!

That means that we now have to wait for our biometrics appointment to be scheduled. Hoping that paper will come in the mail soon!!!

I woke up this morning thinking about our sweet baby somewhere in Ethiopia. I had this HUGE urge to pray for him or her today, so I did. I'm not sure if our baby is being born today, being taken to the orphanage today or what his/her circumstances are right this very moment, but I have a feeling that something huge happened in our child's life today.

I am trying to record everything during this adoption process so that I can come back later to see if these dates match anything. Either way, God laid our baby on my heart HARD this morning.

We are praying for you daily, sweet baby!! Hold tight and we will be there as fast as we can!!! We love you!!!!

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