12 August 2011

Weekly Update.

This week has been awesome!!

Sunday, we had Adam and Summer over for dinner and it was blast, as usual. We chatted a lot about adoption and Jesus. So amazing.

Adam has had to work late every day this week which sucks, but it is what it is.

Monday, I went to my mom's to watch Bachelor Pad. I know, I know, it's an awful show, but I'm totally hooked!! I can't help myself.

Tuesday, I don't think we did anything special. It was my stepdad's birthday, though!

Wednesday, we had Brennan, Kristen and Brennan's little brother, Peyton, over for dinner. Everyone loved my chicken and dumplings which made me feel awesome. :) We also let Makayla stay up and watch Despicable Me with us. It was super cute. And Happy Anniversary to my mom and stepdad!

Thursday, the girls and I went to my mom's for the day. I ran some errands with my mom...got a gift card for my stepdad and a money order to turn in our I-600A to USCIS!!! Came home for naptime and I checked the mail and.....OUR HOME STUDY WAS IN THERE!!! WOOHOO!!!!!

So, during naptime, I got everything together and waited for Adam to get home (later than usual, even for this week!) and had him sign his places...and I was off to UPS to send everything in!! I got to the UPS Store at 6:25pm and they close at 6:30pm. HAHA! Our paperwork is being picked up today and it is on its way to the USCIS office in Texas!!!

The next step is to wait for our fingerprinting appointment. Once we have that, we'll get that done and we'll wait for the beautiful I-171H to come in the mail. People have been getting their in a month lately, so I'm holding onto that!! The I-171H is the paper that we need that says we can, in fact, bring an orphan into this country. It's the last piece of the puzzle before we send in our dossier!!!!

Of course, there is the minor thing of needing the rest of the money....We had to send in a money order for $890 yesterday for our fingerprinting appointment with our I-600A, so now we need to raise that again since it came out of our adoption fund. Plus, the $150 we still need over there -------->

We are SO close I can taste it!! So, if you have some extra money laying around OR if you want to sacrifice money for our adoption, we would be beyond grateful. And you can do so using that beautiful little yellow 'Donate' button over there. :D

Today, I am heading to the Beth Moore conference in Columbus!! I am so excited!! I'm going with a bunch of ladies from my church and I just can't wait! We'll be staying overnight and it's the first time I will have left Addison overnight and the second time I have left Makayla overnight. The first with M was when I had Addi! HA! Anyway, please pray for me! Pray that I wouldn't miss my girls too much and that I would have a restful, enjoyable time with some great chicas from my new church. Pray that strong friendships would be made and our bonds would become more and more solid. Pray that we learn a lot from Beth Moore. She is a great speaker and I am really looking forward to it! I'll be back tomorrow afternoon, so it's not too long.

I am just SO excited to be able to go relax and not have to worry about a child running off or needing fed or changed or to go potty....the list goes on. I'm so ready!! :)

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