10 August 2011


Makayla is very curious about our 'Ethiopia Baby', as she calls him/her. We talk about the new baby daily and are very excited for this little one to join our family. She also wonders what color our baby will be and comes up with very intelligent quips, I do believe.

'Maybe our Ethiopia baby is black because someone colored it, right?'

'Maybe it was light and then it turned dark outside and our baby turned black then.'

Makayla told her first joke today!! And she did a great job at it, too! Here's the joke:

"Why did the chicken cross the playground?"

"To get to the other SLIDE!!"

And she laughs every time I ask her to say it. How stinking clever is my girl?! LOVE IT!!

'Shoo bugs! You're makin' me misable!' I start laughing and she says, 'Mommy, stop laughing. You're going to make me more inbisible!' BAHAHA!!!

She. is. awesome.

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