09 August 2011

Being A Mommy

Being a Mommy is hard work.

Today, Makayla has already made a mess with water in the bathroom on three different occasions.

Addison is getting into the crayons and eating them.

I have done three loads of laundry today.

And two loads of dishes.

My floors still aren't clean because I can't seem to find the time to do them.

I have no idea what we are going to eat for dinner.

The playroom is a mess.

I am not a perfect mother. I don't keep a perfect house.

Sometimes that bugs me, but most of the time, I get over it.

Other things need to be done.

Like, feeding my two beautiful children breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even though I have no idea what we'll be eating for dinner and it's almost 5pm.

Like, playing with them and enjoying the moment.

Like, watching Makayla color with permanent marker.

Some days I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I still have the girls' laundry to fold and I'll have to put the dishes away that are in the dishwasher.

The bathrooms still need to be cleaned, too.

But, I am constantly picking things up and putting them back where they belong.

So how is my house almost always a mess and how is everything not clean?

I guess I'm particular about where items go, but not if my floors are clean.

Oh well. I'm not a perfect mother. But, I'm darn proud of my girls.

P.S. Who wants to donate $190 to our adoption?! If you do, we'll be FULLY FUNDED to turn in our dossier!!! What an amazing blessing that would be!!!! :D


Tracy said...

Thanks for following me - just noticed you had jumped on board! Funny thing is - my daughter's name is also Addison and her best friend McKayla. :) What is your request for your adoption?

Tracy said...

#4 (or #5, we go back and forth) - since MARCH for an infant daughter. We started Aug of 2009. Pretty depressing this month :(

Lindsey said...

Absolutely LOVE this post! I think I remind myself every day about how it isn't about the house, it's about making it a home. And sometimes that includes having marker on the walls, ramen noodles for dinner and laundry piled up on at least two pieces of furniture. :)

Kelly said...

Motherhood is a very hard job, but the most rewarding, as well! If it comforts you, your list sounds a whole lot like mine! :)