01 July 2011

This Week.

I can't believe tomorrow is Saturday already. And I haven't even posted about our craziness that has taken over the household!

So, I guess I should begin at last Thursday. Obviously it was Addison's first birthday!! We celebrated by going out to dinner at Olive Garden...Addi's choice. ;) I might have influenced her a little bit. HA! Anyway, we celebrated her sweet little life with a good meal.

Friday, Adam had the day off, so we did some more packing for our big move!

Saturday, we had Addison's birthday party at our old house! It was just a family party and really low key. She took a nap during her party because every little party girl needs her beauty rest. :) After she got up, we did her smash cake. She was apprehensive at first, but once Makayla started feeding her the icing, she started to dig in. It was super cute. Also, Makayla blew out her candle for her. We opened her gifts after that and she got some cute little toys, fun clothes and some money!! :) We wrapped it up and everyone went home.

Sunday, we went to church and then prepared for the big moving day. We moved all of our furniture with the help of my stepdad and some of our amazing friends. A HUGE thank you to Brennan, Kristen, Luke and Joe!! You guys rock our socks off. Thank you for being there for us!!! We bought everyone Chipotle for their hard work. :) And a HUGE thank you to my mom for watching the girls for us while we did all of our moving!!

On Monday, we had Addison's one year appointment. They weighed her first thing and she has only gained 2 ounces in 3 months. Clearly this is not good. She also hasn't grown in length since her 9 month appointment. The pediatrician was very concerned so she said after her routine vaccinations, they wanted to draw some bloodwork. It went as well as expected, of course. Which is not well, in case you were wondering.

Addison was a sweaty mess the whole time, screaming and wiggling around trying to turn in my arms to get away from them. They put the arm band tightener thingy on both of her arms two times trying to look for a good enough vein. Well, they never found one, so they just went with the right arm. Her veins are so tiny and it was brutal. BRUTAL. I felt awful for my sweet little baby. I HATE needles, but I looked at the needle in her arm because I wanted to feel some of her pain and it hurt just looking at it and seeing how much pain she was in. If I could have given them my blood, I would have. It was horrific to say the least. After all that, they didn't even get enough blood to use anyway, so they didn't send it in. Awesome.

We have an ultrasound appointment to get her belly checked on July 5th, so they are going to draw blood at the children's hospital then. Hopefully they can make it a little less painful for her. And me! I told Adam he has to take the day off work to go with me. I cannot go through that alone again.

So yeah, we've been dealing with that. I've been shoving food in Addison's face all day every day since we found out she hasn't gained anything. We have a weight check appointment on July 11th.

Please pray that there is nothing wrong with her and she just needed to eat more. Please pray that she gains some weight by July 11th. I swear she looks fatter already, but my eyes might be playing tricks on me. Also, she has been pooping insane amounts, so I really think she is just pooping all of her food out again, which means she isn't gaining anything. Ugh. It has had my stomach in knots all week long. I have really dedicated my whole week to feeding my baby.

And on top of that, Makayla is sick! She has had diarrhea for two weeks now and now she has a runny nose that she constantly wipes, so the skin under her nose is red and raw. My poor girl. She slept in our bed with us last night because she just couldn't get comfortable. And even when she was right next to us, she would wake up screaming for me. At least with her right there, I could calm her down quicker and she went right back to sleep.

Ever since we've been in our new house, Makayla has gotten up at least once every single night. We think she might be scared of her new room. She also keeps saying she wants to go back home. :( We keep telling her this is our home now and I'm praying that it sinks in soon that we aren't going anywhere. I'm also hoping that since we haven't left the house much this week that she'll start to figure out that this is where we live. It must be hard to be three and have to move away from yet another house. At least we have all of the same stuff for her here.

It has been a difficult transition into our new house, but we're going with the flow. Satan is trying to take us down between Adam and I being sick before we moved, my mom getting sick the day of our garage sale, Makayla having diarrhea for two weeks, Addison not gaining weight and moving, but we are NOT letting him win. He's a sucker and we know The One that prevails in all situations. I am so thankful that we can call on Jesus as our strength, especially in these difficult times.

I have no doubt that the Lord has us on this journey to teach us patience, to love more and to make us stronger. He is my Peace. My Redeemer. My Strength.

Looking forward to a very relaxing weekend and praying that we all get healthy in this house!!!! :D

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