23 June 2011

Happy First Birthday, Addison!!

Dear Addison,

I remember your day of birth like it was yesterday. Waking up in the middle of the night to my water breaking and thinking I peed myself. Getting the epidural and while getting it, feeling your head wanting to come out. Yep, that happened. And then pushing you out in 5 minutes with 3 pushes. Amazing.

You have had a crazy first year and I feel like it went by waaaaaaay too fast. Here we are one year later and living all the way across the country from where you were born. Crazy, right? You've taken everything in stride which is totally your nature. You are so easy going and totally chill.

You really are the best baby and I'm totally not lying. You just go with the flow and nothing fazes you. You love to be held and you still love the boob, which is totally fine for now. ;) Every time Daddy comes home from work and you hear that garage door, you go crawling as fast as you can to him. You always cry when he comes home, too. I think it's because you missed him so much all day long.

You adore your sister like no other and I really love to watch your relationship grow and blossom into this beautiful love. You guys have such a wonderful bond that nobody can replace. Always cherish each other because there is no one else that can take her place. Every morning, Makayla comes running in to your room with me to get you out of your crib and she immediately wants to kiss and hug you. Melts my heart every time.

After your nightly nursing sesh, I put you in your crib on your back and you roll right over, grab on to your crib bumper, tuck your legs in and stick your booty in the air. It is quite possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

Your newest thing is to stick out your tongue and blow raspberries everywhere. It is so stinking hilarious!! And every time you do it, you have spit hanging off your mouth and all over your chest. You laugh and laugh and laugh at yourself when you do it, too. You switch back and forth between that and 'trilling' as Uncle Nate calls it. You're hilarious.

You also LOVE to mimic us. If we start doing one of the above, you start doing it right after. You also repeat what we say and you're talking non-stop!! You say mama, dada, nana, baba and yeah. I guess those are really just syllables strung together, but I think you know what you're saying because every time Nana is around, you start saying her name. And it's so funny because Daddy will start talking to you and ask you questions and it's really like you're answering him!

You know what you like and what you don't like. If you're not a fan of something, you shake your head no vehemently. Like when I try to put a clip in your exceedingly long hair that is always in your eyes, you shake your head no. When you don't want a hug or kiss from sister, you shake your head no. When I try to remove you from something and you want it so bad, you shake your head no. You are so like your mama and you know what you want!

You're not walking yet or even cruising. Or pulling yourself up. But, you know what? I'm totally okay with that. There is no rush on your babydom. Stay little for as long as you want. I promise you I won't push you to do something you're not ready for. I know you will do those things in your own time and when you're ready. And I am not worried in the least. You are growing just fine and you are perfectly made.

I feel like there is so much more about you that I'm forgetting to say. You are an amazing little girl. You are growing up much too fast. You are the funniest little thing I have ever seen and you have such a huge personality. Nobody's a stranger to you. You must get that from Poppy. He never met a stranger in his life and you're the same way. No, you weren't always that way, but in your old age (HA!) you love everyone and will smile at anyone who smiles at you.

You are such an amazing blessing to our little family. You are so much fun. It has been a true joy to be your Mommy for the last year and to watch you grow up for twelve beautiful months. Thank you for being so easy going and so beautiful. You are treasured not just by your Mommy and Daddy, but by your King. Jesus loves you far more than I ever could. But, trust me, I won't ever stop loving you with the fiercest love I have. I am so blessed that Jesus entrusted your precious life to me.

I love you forever and ever,
Mama ♥

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