20 June 2011

Garage Sale.

We had our garage sale fundraiser this Friday and Saturday. As most of you know, we live in the town that has the World's Largest Garage Sale every year. It was crazy. And awesome. Crazy awesome.

We were insanely busy on Friday and then Saturday was just kinda steady all day. Either way, we made $1,030.25 in two days. TWO DAYS!!! Pretty awesome, huh? I'm still amazed by it. And totally smiling from ear to ear. :D

Adam's little brother Travis is staying with us all week to help us move into the new house, so that's what we've been doing all day today. My mom and stepdad came over and took all of our leftover crap from the garage sale to Goodwill. Then, they came back over later to help us move! I think Travis and I took five loads over today and my mom and stepdad took two loads over of the big stuff. We got a lot done today. Then I went back over after I put Addison to bed. I'm SO excited to move in!!

That's pretty much all that has been going on here. HA! We're crazy busy and crazy happy.

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