01 July 2011


Our fundraising for our adoption has been going exceedingly well!!! I already told everyone how we raised $1,030.25 from our garage sale and we are still praising Jesus for that!!!! There are SO many people that were involved in getting us that money towards our adoption. So many friends and family donated items for us to sell. It was a lot of hard, hard work that my mom, myself and Adam put into it. But, every single second was worth it. Every second.

This entire adoption process is a labor of love. All of the paperwork we have to do. All of the money we need to raise. All of the work we are putting in to fundraising. Every part of it is a labor of love. This is me growing my third child. He or she is not growing in my belly, but he or she is growing in my heart each and every day. I am delighted to do every single thing that gets us closer to our sweet, sweet baby.

As of right now, we are currently 68% funded for turning in our dossier!!!! This is amazing!!!! We started this journey in April and we are 2/3 of the way funded for this part in our adoption!!! So cool and we give all the glory to God. Even though we have tried our darndest to raise money, not a single penny has been given to us out of anything we did. Sure, we worked hard. I sent out letters to everyone we know. I made a Facebook event. We had a garage sale. But, we have had very little response from our letters and I was expecting a lot more. A LOT more. Just goes to show that God had other plans and I was relying on what I thought should happen. And He had so much better plans! We have had some really significant donations and some of them have come from people we don't even know!!! THAT is what the LORD is doing. I had nothing to do with that. It was all Him. Sure, I put in some work, but apart from God, we would not have gotten any of those donations.

So. We are 68% funded for our dossier. 2/3 of the way funded for our dossier. We still need to raise $2445 towards our dossier fund. You can check out our thermometer on the right over there. ------>

Here is where you come in. Every one of you can help us have all the money we need for our dossier. Want to know how??

•If 50 of you gave a one time donation of $50, our dossier submission could be fully funded!!
•Or if 50 of you pledged to give $16 a month for three months, we could be fully funded for our dossier!!
•And one more way...if 100 of you gave $25, we could be fully funded to send in our dossier!!

$25 is one meal out for your family of four in one month. Can you give that up and make dinner at home that one night??
$16 is three trips to Starbucks in one month. Can you give that up and make coffee at home for three months??
$50 is two meals out for your family in one month. Can you give that up for just one month??

These numbers are small, but mighty. Just think. You do a little bit of sacrificing and you can help us bring our son or daughter home. Our son or daughter will no longer be an orphan and you will have helped in that endeavor. How can that not make you feel good? Wouldn't it be worth giving up one or two meals out? Wouldn't it be worth giving up three trips to Starbucks? You would help bring a child HOME forever. That is a beautiful thing.

If you would like to be one of our 50, please click that little PayPal Donate button on the right sidebar of my blog. We are so grateful to every single person that has already donated towards our adoption. Every small amount adds up and all of these numbers really are small amounts in the grand scheme of $30,000. Small, but mighty.

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