11 April 2011

My Girl.

Makayla is just so stinking adorable, it kills me!!

She says 'perftect and beblong'. How cute is that, right?!

And every time we say, 'How does that sound?', she responds with, 'That sounds a great idea!'

She does this super cute thing where she'll be explaining something to us and then she says something along the lines of how it won't work or why it won't do this and throws her arms out with her palms toward the sky. It is too much!! And the face she has with it...oh my word!!

We've been trying to teach her the correct way to say things and not to use a lisp for certain words and stuff, especially because she loves to watch Wonder Pets and there is this duck on there that has a lisp, so she started talking like him even more. Well, of course, I don't want her thinking that's the right way to say things, so we correct her ever so gently. She also loves to play with her little fairies and princesses and make them talk to each other and stuff. I always love listening to her to see what she'll have them say to each other. And trust me, if you want to know for a fact that your child imitates YOU, watch how they use their toys...you'll see things you've said real quick...good and bad!

Anyway, she plays with them and then she'll say something with a lisp for one of the dolls and then she'll say, 'You don't say it that way. This how you say it...' and then she'll say whatever the word is the right way. It's just so cute to see her really learning and soaking it all in.

I know there are so many more things that I'm forgetting because that's always how it goes, but at least I've got some of them written down for her.

Also, some other big news....Addi is getting her first tooth!! I saw the first glimmer of her bottom left tooth tonight as I was putting her Orajel on her! Or should I say I felt it...which led me to investigate further. I'm so excited!! April 10th, my littlest little got her first tooth! Well, started...you know what I mean.

My daughters mean everything in the world to me. I can honestly, without a doubt, say that I love them more than my own life. :D

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute!

I was just having this conversation with a friend. Reese pronounces things wrong but it's because she's still learning, not because she has a lisp. I choose not to correct her often, because, well, I love it. I'm scared of making her grow up too fast. Not saying that you shouldn't correct Makayla for a lisp, I agree there. But, this friend made me so mad. He was all, "It's one thing to think it's cute, but it's another to hinder them from using proper grammar." Shush! If Reese wants to say, "Elegator tator" rather than "elevator" I don't care. She's only 2 and she'll learn on her own, but I'm not forcing her unless she's like 5 years old and still saying it wrong. Oh, and Madison is teething double time! HOOOORAY for Addi. I hope it goes well.