08 April 2011

Addi Girl.

We've been busy again. As usual. Adam was gone this week. Again. But my mom stayed with us all week. I'm sure we wore her out. My girls love to go, go, go!!!

Got some really great news yesterday!! We'll be sharing soon, don't you worry. ;)

Addison's 9 month appointment was on Monday, the 4th. She weighs 16 lbs. 8 oz. and is 28 inches long. She is so precious. And still not crawling! Can you believe that? Me neither. But she gets around anyway.

She crawls backwards a lot, but only a few movements at a time. She moves around in circles on her belly a lot. And on April 2nd, she went from belly laying to a sitting position for the first time!! It was pretty exciting. And now she does it all the time. She's so freaking cute. And really, really smart.

Anytime we clap, she starts clapping. And if we bang on the table, she'll start doing the same thing. And when we clap, she gets really excited because she knows it's for her. She's still totally smitten with her big sis. I just love to watch them interact with each other. Of course, sometimes Makayla takes toys away from her, but for the most part, she's just looking out for her little sisty bisty (our nickname for her). Like, if Addi has M's magic wand, M will take it from her and tell her it's too sharp and she can't have it. Or she'll tell Addi she can't have Fishies yet because she's too little.

Though there was that one time where M put a piece of a pretzel in Addi's mouth...right in front of my mom and I! My mom was literally holding Addison and I was staring right at them while this happened. It was kinda scary, to say the least. But, we fished it out and she didn't even choke, thank the Lord.

And then there was another time where M had all this Easter grass earlier in the day and there was still some in her room and Addi was in there with us and Addi started gagging and coughing a little bit. Well, I keep going about my business cleaning up M's room for nap time and then I look over at Addi and she has her mouth open, trying to get something out (obviously!) and it's really dark in there. The whole time I thought she was eating some of the yellow Easter grass...yeah, not so much. So, I rush over and see that Addi swiped a hair tie and put it in her mouth. Yeah, mother of the year award, please.

But, we're still alive and well. And loving Jesus. Oh man, it's been a good week. An awful weekend, but a good, good week. And the awful weekend will not be posted on here, so don't even ask. Sanks.


Rachel said...

Those babies get into everything! Don't blame yourself, Mama!

Tiffany said...