10 February 2011

Zumba, Photos and Babies.

Went to Zumba tonight. My 'abs' are hurting already. But the good hurt. Hurts so good. I love Zumba. It's so frackin' fun. Even though I have no rhythm (fun word!) and no coordination, I still enjoy it.

We were doing this one move tonight where you bring your knees up high, like a march type move. And it made me think about the first morning in Basic Training when I got sent to the 'doghouse' (behind the flight AND the road guards) because I couldn't stay in step. I kept making everyone around me mess up. Yeah, it was bad. And I had to laugh tonight because I really have no movement skills. HA! Also tonight the instructor kept starting with her left foot (you do the same in marching) and I kept screwing that up. I was like, what the hey? I can freaking do this, dude! I made it out of BMT and I definitely learned how to march like a freaking pro. The best part is? I wasn't even the worst marcher (is that a word?)!!! They made this one chick stand right next to the huge (HUGE) speakers and keep time. She couldn't do it and I'm pretty sure she got recycled. Makes me feel better. Which is probably mean of me, but whatevs. It does. And did.

I hate over edited photos. HATE 'em. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love to edit pictures, but there is such a thing as doing too much. And it happens a lot. Can't we just leave well enough alone, people? If you like the shot SOOC, then leave it alone. That's my motto. Though I did have this very dark shot of Addi today and I edited it and made it brighter and it looks 1000 times better. For realskie. And lately, I've really been a fan of the SOOC photos. Not all of 'em, but most of 'em. Seriously, why mess with a good thing? And then to mess with it OVER THE TOP? So not good. Or maybe I'm just jealous because I don't have Photoshop?

It's so weird how different having a second kid is from your first. With Makayla, I documented EVERYTHING. And relished in it all. With Addison, I still relish, just not for as long. And I have no idea what day she sat unsupported for the first time. I mean, she does it all the time now, but every once and a while, she topple over still. Either way, it's just interesting to me how different having two children is from having one. And the other day, it slipped my mind whether Addison had already had peaches or not. I'm still not sure. With M, ALL of that was written down. Still is. She has a calendar in her box o' stuff that has every single food she ever ate in her first year on it.

In conclusion, I love Zumba, normal photos and my baby girls. It's really late here and I still have Mockingjay to read!!


Laina said...

I've never done Zumba but I have friends who do and they love it and rave about it. And I agree with you about the photos. Some editing is necessary and really does improve a picture, but sometimes it's nice to just see that magic and simplicity of "in the moment"....imperfections and all. And I have heard that that happens with more than one child. I only have one and I document and right everything down with her. But I don't know that I will have the time with a second one if that ever happens.

the Shipe's said...

what is SOOC? & you so could've been talking about me with the over editing... eek. lol, i just like playing around to see what I can do (in case you were talking about me, tehehe)
It is funny with 2 kids. Im the same way.