10 February 2011

I'm SO Behind, Part The Third and Final.

This Monday, I was supposed to go to All Fired Up with two of my friends from high school and their kids. All Fired Up is a pottery painting place and we thought our girls (all around the same age) would enjoy it. We were supposed to meet up at 10 to go there and I got there first and found out they didn't open until 11! Bummer. So we decided to change it and go on Wednesday. I ended up going to my mom's house and hanging out. Got Arby's for lunch. Delish.

Tuesday, my mom and I had plans to go to Olive Garden!! YUM!! We headed over there and got to have a nice lunch, just us four girls. Addison got a bit cranky towards the end, but she had been up for quite a while, so who can blame her, right?

LOVE their faces. <3

Yummy appetizer.
Addi had her first taste of bread today! February 8th, 2011
She kept crying for more. :)
Straight grubbin. HA!
Then yesterday was All Fired Up redo day! It was SUPER fun. Before we met up with the girls, Makayla and I made a quick trip to Target for some stuff we needed. Since it's been so frackin' freezin' out, I knew anything I bought would be fine, milk included. ;) Makayla had such a blast painting the stuff. I think she was a little intimidated by the other little girls, though. She wasn't her usual bubbly self. But we had fun painting anyway. And, of course, my battery died about 7 minutes into me taking pictures. :( I still got some good ones, though! None of these photos are edited because no matter how much I really want to edit them, I just don't have the time right now. I've got a baby that needs feeding and to go to bed and I'm trying to update this blog before Zumba tonight.

She really had a lot of fun with it. She kept asking for more and more and more paint on her little tile. And then she painted my hand! I wish I had a picture of that, but like I said, my battery died. Boo. So she painted my right hand and then she wanted to paint my left! So I cleaned up my right and let her paint my left. :) I wanted to do her handprint, but she didn't want to get her hand painted, but THEN, she wanted to paint her own hand! HA! So we tried to do a handprint, but it didn't work out too well. At least it's not that far from us, so we'll definitely be going again.

Oh and that milk I bought? Well, when we got home, I was bringing everything inside, tried to be super cool, like Adam and bring a ton of stuff in at the same time AND close the trunk and whaddya know? That milk busted all over my garage floor. And I said eff it and went inside and didn't even think twice about it. Except to tell Adam that we needed milk.

So, after our busy first three days of the week, I decided to do nothing today. I finished reading Catching Fire today during the girls' nap. SO good. And I just barely started reading Mockingjay. The final book! Can't wait to see how it all ends. So, I'm well on my way to my goal of reading two books a month this month. And I've already made two sewing projects this month, too! I actually made three because I made my mom a little make up bag thing (which I have a picture of, just haven't taken it off my other camera yet), so go me!

Since the beginning of our week was pretty jam packed (for us, at least), my house was feeling pretty neglected. So, while doing nothing today, I also caught up on dishes and laundry. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. So good. It was a chill day, which is how I like 'em.

Anyway, Zumba tonight. Got a busy weekend ahead of us, too. Saturday afternoon, we're hanging out with some people from church for lunch. Saturday night, I'm going to see my mom's old friend, who used to babysit me. Sunday, we're going to hang out with some friends after church and then we have a V-Day date! YAY! So, of course, I'll have some more updating to do this weekend, with loads of pictures, because that's how I roll now.

Oh! My friend, Korinne, taught me this AWESOME new thing with my camera and I tried it out today. It's when you take pictures with the sun in them. I got some pretty sweet ones.

So I think that's it. I think I'm caught up. What can we take from this? Blog more often so that you don't get behind. That's what.

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