10 February 2011

I'm SO Behind, Part The Second.

So, after I had a glorious date with myself on Friday (and took some awesome pictures...at least I think they're pretty awesome), um, nothing else happened. Well, except that Addison started saying 'Dada'!!! She talks allllll the time now. I love it and I never get sick of hearing her talk and say Dada. Though, I wish the occasional 'Mama' was thrown in, but I know we'll get there soon. And I already know she loves me, anyway. :)

Saturday, my dad came to spend the day with us. And about 20 minutes before he came, MY NEW LENS SHOWED UP!!! <3 I got a 35mm f/1.8 lens. LURVE. It's beautiful. It gets up close. It lets in so much light, it's not even freaking funny. And I flippin' heart it. Like hardcore. I'm totally crushing.

My dad got her this huge dog for V-Day. She loves it.

At the restaurant with my girls. <3 
Wearing Feta's hat.
Doing Addison's hair for her. Addi clearly does not enjoy it.

Using my camera bag as a foot rest. HA!
Anyway, so after that, we went to this Italian restaurant in a neighboring town around here. It was delish. It was kinda funny because when we pulled in to the driveway Adam was like, 'You sure you guys still want to go here?' because it was totally deserted. HA! But it was some awesome food. Awesome, awesome.

My dad, Adam and Addi.

My meal. YUM.
I didn't have my flash on in any of these pictures, but I still think they turned out alright. Maybe a tad too dark, but you live and learn, right? These were all with my 35mm. I swear, since I gotten this thing, I've been busting out my camera WAY more often than I used to.

On the way home, there was someone stuck in the median, because it was snowing REALLY bad, and we watched the car in front of us pull over to help them out. Just seeing that made me remember that there really is good in this world. It might sound silly, but I just needed that reminder. And I know that if Adam were alone, he would have done the exact same thing. Makes me love him even more.

I finally busted out my sewing machine on Saturday night, too! It was really very exciting!! I made a camera strap cover and a small make up roll up bag for my purse. It didn't take me too, too long, but I'm sure I was probably sewing from 7pm until 10:30pm. But it was so much fun, I didn't even notice!

Close up of the camera strap.
My little make up bag!
Here it is! And my new lens, too! Swoon.
On Sunday, we went to Adam's mom's house for the day. We drove around for a bit longer before we got there so Addison could sleep some more. And then, I made Adam stop so I could take some pictures. Yep, he dropped me off on the side of the road and I stood there and took pictures. I probably looked ridiculous, but I don't care. HAHA!! 

And I'll have to come back for more later. Addison is up from her nap. Stay tuned again!!

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