10 February 2011

I'm SO Behind...

I don't even know if I can catch up! So much has been happening around here, since the last time I wrote anything of substance on mah blog.

Let's start with last week. I think the last time I updated was February 1st and well, things have happened. Nothing too crazy or ridiculous, but still. Things that are important to me and my life.

So, here goes...

Last week, I really found my love for photography. It's always been a desire of mine. To learn how to use my camera and capture everything the exact way I want to. But, I always shot in auto, which make for fine photos. They really do. Every photo that's been on my blog, save the last two photo challenges, have been shot in auto (and maybe a couple from the last post). And I've always wanted to learn more, do more, see more, experience more.

My friend in California, so graciously explained EVERYTHING to me in layman's terms. It was amazing. My eyes were opened and my heart expanded. I was hooked. Bitten by the shutter bug, if you will. Later that night, some things were still unclear, so Adam sat down with me and explained it in even more layman terms, if that's even possible. Then we went through all the photos I took that day and discussed what I did wrong and why. Amazing again. And since that moment, I've done nothing but carry my camera around with me everywhere I go. Seriously.

Last Friday, Adam had the day off and the week before, I was upset about some stuff, so he told me I could go off and do whatever I wanted for the morning. And I totally did. No regrets on that one. I planned on going to take some photos of these barns that are surrounding our teeny tiny town, but I was too scared to stop on the side of the road (with nowhere to park off the street) and take some pictures. Scared of getting hit and scared of getting yelled at. So I didn't. Instead, I ventured to this little antique shop in our teeny tiny town and put my camera to work.

And to think, that's just the first half of the photos!!

After I spent an hour taking pictures in this little shop, I headed to Panera to have lunch by myself. It was surprisingly not crowded when I went in. I got a nice table right in the sun and read Catching Fire on my Kindle, while I ate in peace. It was glorious. When I left Panera, there was a HUGE line. HA! After that, I headed to the Gazebo to take some pictures. I got two good pictures and then my battery died. Boo. It's on my birthday wish list, but I'm not sure I'll be able to last that long.

Stay tuned for more...

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