01 February 2011

Cookie Time!

Makayla and I made cookies together this morning, while Addi watched on from her high chair. She was surprisingly good the whole time...up until the very end when she started to get a little fussy. Addison also ate prunes for the first time today. She really liked them! Weird. :)

Anyway, M and I had fun making cookies. She stirred for a little bit, until she got the dough everywhere and I made her stop. I wasn't the nicest when I asked her to stop. Don't worry, I already apologized to her. Also, the recipe called to put green food coloring in, since they're mint chocolate chip cookies and she wanted to do it SO bad. So I let her. Until she squirted food coloring all over the counter. So now I have 8 dots of food coloring on the counter. In our rental house. Hopefully it'll come off before we move! I tried scrubbing it already, so we'll see what happens. Oh well. She's still the best.

Here are some pictures from our extravaganza. It's hard to take pictures when your toddler is on a chair (that she fell off of moments before), your baby is starting to scream for the boob and you're trying to learn how to do everything manually on your camera. It's only slightly frustrating. But I think I got some good shots anyway. The cookie pics were taken during the girls' nap time. I'm getting smart!!

Oh and Happy February! Maybe we should have made red cookies and saved the green ones for March? Another day, another month. Let's see if I can go to bed by 10:30 this month, hey? Addison slept from 7pm until 6am this morning without waking up once!! Go girl! Am I the only one who gets worried when their baby sleeps through the night? I kept thinking I should go check on her to make sure she's still breathing. She is.

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