31 January 2011

Snow Day!!

Makayla and I played in the snow today while Addison took her morning nap. She had so much fun! And I took only about 8 gazillion pictures. She wanted to throw snowballs at me and she wanted me to throw them at her. And Doggie was sleeping inside, near the door, and we had to throw snowballs at her, too. ;)

It was so much fun!! Then, we drew pictures in the snow. I love her so much.

Yesterday, we all went to church together since Addison slept until 9!! And then we had to wake her up anyway. :D So, after that, we dropped her off at my mom's so she could nap. We took M out for a little date. It was so sweet. We went to Wendy's for lunch and I think she really loved having all of our attention. She kept asking us all kinds of questions and telling us to look at this and look at that. And she said, 'That guy's silly, Mommy!' Then, we took her grocery shopping! I know, great date, huh? HA! It was fun. And such a chill day. While we were eating, Adam and I couldn't believe that we were all just eating...no passing around a baby or anything. I would NEVER change having my Addi here, but sometimes it's nice to just take our big girl out and love on her. It also helps not to have to hold a baby sometimes. I think Addison had a nice time at my mom's anyway. She slept for 3 hours!

Anyway, here are some pictures from today.
My outfit from Sunday. I like it.
Just another one of me in my super sassy outfit. ;)
Some pretty sweet icicles on our house.
She asked me to throw a snowball at her. So I did. And I captured this. LOVE.

Have you ever seen anything cooler? Icicles on a tree! So rad.

It looks like she's dancing, huh?

Caught in action again!
Throwing a snowball at Mama.

OMG. I die.
Gorgeous tree. Gorgeous sky. Totally unedited.
Show me those gloves, girlie!
Trying to wipe off the snow.
More icicles on the tree.
I can't get over how awesome this ice is on the trees.


Michelle said...

Those are some awesome photos! I got a nikon for Christmas, but I rarely use it :( Your post just gave me inspiration to bust out the instruction manual and really learn how to use it.

Mama said...

Love love LOVE the pix!! Especially little M's facial close up...melts my heart!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics! I see improvement. Don't you just love natural light? My fave is the close up of M and that icicle. I heart close ups so much! Great jorb!

Sleeping Beauty said...

You are a great photographer! I love love love all of the photos, especially the ones of M in the snow! Shut it down right this second.

the Shipe's said...

love the pics! especially the one of M trying to wipe snow off, its like something you'd see in Parents. kuddos!

Sarabeth said...

Super cute pics of Makayla!