21 February 2011

Fun Stuff.

We had a pretty good week. Adam was gone last Monday thru Thursday, so my mom stayed with me and the girls. It was really nice to have some company while he was gone and some help with my girls!

I can't remember everything we did last week, but Adam had off Friday and we had a pretty busy Friday. We had to go to the Title to our car to get Ohio plates. After that, we were supposed to get the car smogged or whatever, but we couldn't because the Check Engine light is on. So I've got to get that checked out, get the oil changed, take it for a smog check AND THEN we can get our new plates. All before Sunday. It's doable, I know. I'm thinking tomorrow or Wednesday. We'll see.

So after that, we went grocery shopping. It was SUPER nice here all weekend, until yesterday! Then it started snowing. HA! Oh Ohio. It was fun getting out with the whole family on Friday and just doing mundane stuff together. I'm lame, I know. Saturday we did some stuff. Oh wait, no we didn't. The girls (both of them!) got up multiple times on Friday night, so Adam let me sleep until almost noon on Saturday. It was rockin'. Then we watched Inception. GREAT movie. Serious.

Addison's been pretty sick the past few days so I stayed home with her yesterday, while Adam and Makayla went to church. She napped almost the whole time they were gone, so I read some blogs and researched some stuffs. We were supposed to go to my mom's for lunch, but cancelled because of my little Addi girl.

And now here we are today. We didn't do anything special today. Makayla and I were going to paint, but she threw the freaking fit of 2011 because I wanted to put her hair up, so we scratched that and watched a movie while Addi napped. Strawberry Shortcake FTW.

And that's that. Both of them are napping now and I'm updating.


Tiffany said...

I love that you called it "smog checked" haha, you were totally in Cali too long! Jealousssss! You're cute.

Laurie J said...


rachel porter said...

you totally should travel outside the US!! it's really do-able if you save a bit at a time. and it's so GORGEOUS!! the world, that is :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know it is photo challenge time again & I would LOVE if you participated with one of your amazing photos again :)