09 January 2011


Here's a picture from M's party yesterday. I'm really trying my hand at editing photos before putting them up so, as you can see, I changed our header picture...again! And I love it. No, Adam and I did not mean to match. That's been happening more often than not these days. I like to think of it as a testament to how much we love each other and how in tune we are with each other. ;)

Anyway, here's the pic:

And here's another....just 'cuz I like ya. :D And well, because I have the most gorgeous girl EVER.

Isn't she the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? I know, she totally is. And she is so special.

I can't help myself, so here is a look at the before and after of my Addi girl. She's so sweet. Love her.


Brandi Elam said...

Love your new header picture!

the Shipe's said...

good editing! & good pics! Corey & I tend to match too often! Someone commented at church about it! He really wants me to get khakis, but I havent had those in years! maybe a khaki skirt in the spring