09 January 2011

Makayla's Party

Yesterday was Makayla's 3rd birthday party. She loved it. And that is a complete understatement. By far!

There were SO many kids in my house, it was insane. I think there were 13 kids total, that showed up. It was a madhouse. But Makayla had so much fun.

She even said thank you to everyone after each gift. Of course, I asked her to say it, but she totally did! And she thanked everyone as they left, too. Super cute.

She got TONS of Dora stuff, some super cute clothes, a Pillow Pet and a bunch of pots and pans and play food for her kitchen.

She didn't cry when we sang Happy Birthday this time. And she blew out the candle all by herself! So big.

After (almost) everyone left she had to poop, so I took her to the potty and she was taking a while, talking a lot, etc., etc. So I think at some point I told her to hurry up and poop and she said, "But I want to go poop slowly, Mommy." She's so big! I can't get over it.

It was a great day. She was running around all day long and I'm so happy we took family pictures before everyone got here or else they wouldn't have happened. It was a mad house and I don't think I saw Makayla after people started showing up. She was off and running!

We had Bagel Bites, Taquitos and popcorn chicken for snacking with some chips and pretzels, too. Oh and a veggie tray. I also made cupcakes instead of a cake. Funfetti, yo! Oh and I don't think M even ate anything all day until she had her cupcake. And then she didn't eat again until dinner.

There were a few mishaps, like when M threw a toy at her cousin, (I think that's what he is? My stepsister's son.) Quentin. It hit him right in the side of the head. So I had to take her into the bathroom and spank her. Then I asked her to tell him she's sorry and she totally did! Usually she fights me on apologizing to people, but she went right out and did it. Gave him a hug and everything.

Addison had a rough time taking a nap during the party so my mom volunteered to go in and rock her. She fell asleep easily after that. :)

M also kept biting and hitting the big kids. They kept throwing toys all over the house and it was really pissing me off, so Adam told them that if they threw something again, he'd throw them out in the snow. They stopped after that...for the most part...

The whole day was amazing, though. I still can't believe my baby girl is three. I know I've said it a million times before, but she is the one who made me a mother. Nothing can ever change that and I will love her forever.

I hope you enjoyed your fun day, sweet girl! Mommy loves you more than you will ever know.

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