06 January 2011

2011 Things

Okay, not literally 2011 things. But things that have happened since 2011 started. Get my drift?

Makayla and I were coloring in this magic color changing book thing that my mom got her for Christmas and she said, "Fairies like to fly. Fairies like to be colored."

January 2nd was the day we changed Makayla's crib over to a big girl bed! The first night she got up four times. The last time we told her we'd spank her if she got out. She cried again, Adam went in and she was still in her bed, so he talked to her and she went right to sleep. Not another sound. Two of the times she got up, she turned the light on in her room.

The next day, during nap time, she cried a lot and I would go in there and she'd say she was mad. And I asked her what she was mad at and she said the light. There was some sun (!) coming into her room, through her blinds, and she didn't like that.

Oh yeah! The first night when she kept getting up, I told her about this guy and she really seemed to dig that. She brightened right up. The next morning, when she woke up (after staying in her bed ALL night), she said, "I told the Man Pillow that I wasn't scared. There are no monsters under my bed! I told the Man that!" Sounds kinda weird, but I'm glad it helped her.

Another day, M only got up once during her nap and I went in and put her right back down and she slept for another hour. So proud. I can't remember when, but it was sometime this week, since it's only been a couple days since she's been in her bed.

Jan. 3rd-Addison ate apples for the first time. Not a fan. I don't think she liked them because I made them and they were pretty thick. So I went and bought a bunch of Stage 1 baby foods until she can handle more texture. I'm not giving up on making baby food! No sir. Just have to wait until she can handle how thick mine is. I'm guessing I could just put more water in it and it'd thin it out? Maybe I should try that. :)

M drew her very first 'person' on January 3rd. It was awesome. I am still so proud of her. And since she did it, she's been making people constantly. My brother and sister-in-law got her a Magna Doodle for Christmas and she thinks it's amazing. She uses it all the time. And that's what she drew her first person on. It was Daddy and he had a head, a leg, hair, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. It is totally rad.

 Isn't that the coolest EVER?!
 She is so big.
 Addison's rad hair after a bath. :D
 Accidentally uploaded the wrong pic, but I love her outfit. This is (obviously) from Christmastime.
 The big girl! So proud in her big girl bed.
 Happily eating peas. <3
I told her to pose. She's so cool.

Also, we celebrated Addison's very first New Years. Went to my moms for dinner. The girls were both being awful, so we ate and left. Drove around for an hour so they could both take naps. It really sucked. I mean, the food was great, but it sucked that they were mad and we had to leave early and not hang out.

Today, after Addison woke up from her nap, Makayla said, "You gotta feed her, Mommy. Cuz I don't have milky on my boobies." HAHA! She is freaking hilarious.

Also, the other day, we were going to church, so Sunday, and Addison was talking and talking and Makayla said, "That baby said, 'glah'! We don't like that weirdo baby!" Told you. Hilarious.

Yesterday, Addison really found her voice. She was talking up a storm! She would be SO happy just laying on her belly, talking away. She grabs for everything ever. All the time. She loves to pull my hair, which is super cute most of the time. Sometimes it hurts, though.

Also, I think she's teething. She has been very mad today and it makes me so sad. I don't see any buds popping through yet, but she's just been really pissed and if you know Addison in real life, you know that is not normal. She's been loaded up with the teething gel today.

Let's see...what else...M's birthday party is Saturday! I'm so excited for it! And she keeps talking about how her friends are going to come to her house to see her. So cute. I made chocolate covered Oreos for part of the goody bags. Actually, they're for the mamas. The kids have some other fun stuff. :) I'm also making cupcakes and we're getting some frozen finger food type stuff, so it should be good. I hope.

I also realized the other day that, for the rest of my life (you know what I mean), I have to plan a birthday party every 6 months. Ugh. I mean, I love my girls, but it takes a lot of time and money to do that! It's worth it, though. They're worth it. And if we have more kids, I'll probably be doing them every four months or less! Gah!

Two more things about Addi: she's mastering sitting up. She does really well in the Boppy. And she is fascinated with the carpet. Anytime she's on the floor, she is grabbing pieces of carpet and staring very intently at it.

I guess that's it for now. I have to finish my New Year's Resolution list. Yes, I make resolutions. And no, I don't normally keep them. Whatevs. It's still fun to have goals for the new year. Too bad I've already broken some of mine and it's only the 6th! Oh well. Always room for improvement. :D

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