20 January 2011


Here we go:

Addison had her 6 month appointment today. Yes, she'll be 7 months old on the 23rd. I'm a slacker. Either way, she weighs 15 lbs. 9 oz. now. Such a tiny little peanut! And she hasn't grown in height at all since her 4 month appointment, which was only 1 1/2 months ago. The doc doesn't seem too concerned, but she did say she'll keep an eye on it. Poor little got 3 shots today. :( She got her first flu shot. Yucky. She was VERY crabby when we got home today. Not fun. My sweet, sunshiney baby was not so sweet. Or sunshiney today. I felt so bad. So she went to sleep early. And so did big sister, since she didn't get a nap today.

They were both in bed by 7. AWESOME. Too bad Adam wasn't here. He's coming back from New York. Had to go there for work. Only for a day. My mom stayed the night with me last night. It was fun to finally be able to talk to her without Makayla yelling at one of us the whole time. HA! It's the little things in life.

Addison ate peaches for the first time yesterday, January 19th. It's the first baby food that she hasn't made a yucky face to. At all. I think she digs 'em, which is rather fitting, since one of my nicknames for her is Peach. :)

Apparently, I have natural red highlights. And I found two gray hairs the other day! So not rad, dude. I'm getting old! I guess it was one gray hair for each kid. Just kidding!! :D

Makayla and I painted yesterday. She ruined a shirt. Oops. It was totally my fault. But she painted a styrofoam ball and a piece of cardboard. When she was done, she goes, 'I'm all done painting that for Nana.' And I said, 'Oh! You made that for Nana?' And she goes, 'Psh! No, that's for Papa!' HAHAHAHA!! It was totally hilarious and you had to be there, but it was freaking funny.

Then later she was carrying around a bunch of the paintbrushes and she brings one to me and says, 'Here's your seaweed.' Then she gave one to Addi and saved one for Daddy.

Today we were driving around since Addi fell asleep in the car and I felt bad for her since she had shots and all that. M was whining a little bit and I asked her if she missed her Daddy and she just looked at me and nodded her head, with a little pout on her face. So freaking sweet.

I'm a sucker for a good gossip magazine. Told you this post was random. My mom brought me two yesterday. I heart them.

I washed all my fabric to make some amazing stuff. I haven't started anything yet. I still have to iron the fabric. And we all know how much I lurrrrrrve to iron.

M's 3 year appointment is next week. I'm curious how much she weighs these days. She's really thinning out. I think that's probably from all the not eating she does.

That's all for now. Off to read my trashy magazines and wait for my hubs. <3


Rachel said...

Random posts are great! Hopefully your little M hasn't thinned out too much, and little Addison's feeling better after a nice sleep. Hang in there! I have a skinny 3 yr old too, and he just doesn't eat - I don't know how they have energy without eating!

Heather M said...

Thanks a million for stopping by my little blog!!!!! Im sooo excited to follow you back!! happy weekend!!!