15 January 2011

All Kinds of Stuff.

Makayla is on a roll with all the adorable things she says and does on a regular basis. I just like to keep track. And if it weren't for this very blog, I would never have all of this stuff to look back on. And for her to read one day. Here goes:

Dear Makayla,

You're like the best thing ever. You are SO much fun. You love to play on your own and you have THE biggest and best imagination I've ever seen. You can make the most random things turn into something amazing and super fun. Also, you adore your sister. And I do mean adore. You always, always, always come in with me in the morning to get sister and you copy whatever I say to her in the morning. Then you immediately want to give her a hug. You always say, "Can I see her?" And before she goes to bed, you always come in, kiss her and say, "Goodnight sister!" I know you two are going to be the best of friends. Also, sometimes when you see her, you say, "Addi, sweetheart!" Gah!

The other day, you were playing with some washcloths and they became ice cream cones (see? The imagination.) and you made one for Daddy. "Daddy likes stripes (since it had stripes on it). Daddy loves ice cream!"

Here are some other random things you've said in the past few days:

"Mommy, can I tell you about my dream?" 'Yeah! Tell me about it!' "There was a witch. And a storm cloud. I couldn't go to sleep. You have to close the hole so I can go to sleep again!"

"Here's a Thanksgiving apple. It's for chewing." You had Addison's apple teether and that's what you came up with. :)

Yesterday, you kept covering yourself up with your Dora blanket. (You did it today, too. And today you became a snow princess.) Then you decided to cover me with it. Then you took it off and said, "Woohoo! A gift!" I said, 'What is it? What's your gift?' And you responded, "You're my gift, sweetie!" I die.

Also yesterday, we were playing in the dining room (play room) and you said, "I need to go find that Daddy. He makes us happy. I'm sad. I need to go find him so he can make me happy!" and you walked off, with your shoulders slung down, sauntering to the other room to find him.

Last night before we put you to bed, you were drinking out of one of your sippy cups and it made this funny sound...kind of like a horn. Then you busted out with this gem, "I'm like, horny, like a seal!" HA! Your Daddy and I laughed until we cried with that one!!

This morning, you decided to make a raft. I don't know where you come up with this stuff, but I love your imagination!! Want to know what it was made out of? Your pillow, with Addison's pink and brown blanket on top and then your unicorn Pillow Pet. Of course, to use your raft, you needed paddles. And naturally, those paddles were your seal and monkey stuffed animals.

You also made a bed in the laundry basket yesterday night and this morning. Daddy took you all around the house in it with your pillows, blankets and stuffed animals. Then, he stopped. You tried to get out. And you busted your head on the bookshelf that was behind you. You've got a huge goose egg on the back of your head now, poor girl.

You are too stinking funny. And I love you.


Addison is also pretty awesome.

Dear Addison,

You're almost 7 months old! You're still wearing your 6 month clothes, but I need to start getting your 9 month stuff out, even though you're just a petite little squirt! Almost none of your sleepers fit anymore! Lately you've been sleeping from midnight until 7 or 7:30. Awesome! Keep it up, girlie!

You ate green beans (baby food, of course) for the first time on the 14th. You were not a fan. You ate them for dinner tonight, though, and seemed to tolerate them a little better. Maybe it's because Daddy fed them to you? :)

You push yourself SO far up on your arms when you're on your belly these days. I swear you'll be crawling so soon!! I can't believe we're so close to the crawling stage already. This has gone way too fast.

You also took a teeny scoot backwards yesterday! Gah! You turn yourself all over the floor to get what you want. Not roll, but you'll just turn and turn in a circle. It's super cute and I remember your sister doing the same thing around this age.

You do this really adorable thing where you shake your head back and forth. It's like you're saying no. And it's even funnier when we ask you something and then you do it! You'll do it when you're laying down, or when you're in the baby suity, or sometimes just in the air. It's so funny!

You've gotten really good at getting stuff to your mouth now. When you're in your ExerSaucer, you grab the toys and shove them right in your mouth. And anything I give you while you're laying on the floor tends to go right in, too.

Also!! You're sitting up so much now! You're not a pro yet, but you are SO close. This week has really been the week that you've started doing it without much assistance. You still fall over quite a bit, but you can sit up without us holding you for a few seconds. The Boppy has really been working to prop you up and we just sit right in front of you to play. You love it! And then you reach too far (to grab your toes, of course) and topple forward.

You continue to be the happiest baby I've ever seen in my life. Nothing fazes you. It's so rad. You're totally chill and as long as you're in my arms (or Daddy's!) you'll smile at anyone and everyone. Happiest baby ever. Unless we leave you in your saucer and we leave the room. Then you're not very happy.

Either way, you totally rock my socks. Just like your older sister. I love you.


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Mama said...

Love your letters to the girls. They always make me laugh...make me smile...make me cry...
One day, THEY will love them, too..
I love you bunches,