23 January 2011

New Clothes

My mom and I went to Old Navy yesterday. I didn't really anticipate getting anything since I'm too fat and I don't really want to buy stuff right now. BUT. But.

I found a ton of great stuff! They were having a 40% off sale AND when you used your Old Navy card (which I happen to have!), you get ANOTHER 25% off everything! Dude.

So, I got $159 worth of stuff for....wait for it...

$32!! Yep, $32 smackaroos. It was bomb.

I got 3 button up shirts, 1 Dr. Pepper shirt, 1 t-shirt with same color tank (I'm going to be making something with these and my sewing machine soon), a belt and a pair of skinny jeans. Oh yeah, I bought skinny jeans! Guess how much they were? $6.74!!! 

And the t-shirt and matching tank? How much were they, you ask? Why .89¢ each!!!! SO rad.

Here's a pic of what I wore to church today: 

New shirt, belt and pants!!

I know I totally look like a cowgirl, but I'm okay with that. Adam said I look like Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island. She's hot! I'll take it. ;)

Okay, enough about how much of an awesome shopper I am. :)

In other news, Addison is 7 months old today! I just busted out all of her 9-12 month clothes. I know! How did this happen?! She's so big. And so freaking cool. I was taking her 7 month pictures today and she was gnawing on this squishy thing the whole time. It was awesome. Totally drooltastic. I love it. And I really hope she gets a tooth soon because, man, is she drooling!!

Addison also had sweet potatoes for the first time today! On her 7 month birthday. Adam gave them to her while I was at a baby shower, but he said she loved 'em!!

She eats a whole jar of baby food, twice a day at lunch and at dinner. Now we just need to start her eating something at breakfast. She still nurses then. I mean, she nurses throughout the day, but her primary form of breakfast is the milkies.

Also, she drinks water out of a sippy cup twice a day. She's getting really good at it, too! We still have to hold her cup for her, but she loves to play with it and drinks out of it like a champ!

My mom kept Addison for us today while we went to church, so Addi could nap. And she napped the whole time, which is great! Thanks again, Mom! It's amazing living near family. Not only do we get to see them more often, but they also babysit for us!!

So, Addison is awesome. She grabs everything. Rolls over all the time. Pushes up SO far on her belly. I swear, she'll be crawling soon! She also slept through the night the other night! I was excited. And the past few nights, she's been waking around 10:30 or 11:00, I feed her and she goes back to sleep until 6:30 or 7:30. On Saturday morning, she woke at 6:30 and I fed her, anticipating her not wanting to go back to sleep, but I put her in her crib anyway. She made a few noises and then I didn't hear a peep from her until 10:15am!! Yeah, she slept until 10:15!! Awesome, I tell you. And she's so happy! ALL. THE. TIME.

Tonight, when Makayla said goodnight to Addi she said, 'Goodnight, Addi. Go to sleep with your squishy (the aforementioned toy).' So cute!

Also, M has been having a rough time with peeing the past few days. Adam had Friday off and M was being kind of a butt, so when she would cry, he would tell her to go to her room until she was done crying. And every time she did, she would pee her pants and, of course, she'd be sitting on her bed while she did it. Ugh. This happened three times in one day. Yeah. I don't know why, but I'm pretty sure she knew it would piss us off, so she kept doing it.

I've been up to my ears in pee around here! Because, on top of that, M always (ALWAYS!!!) pees through her Pull Up at night so it's all over her sheets and jammers in the morning. And I don't know what to do about it! I don't really want to wake her up to take her potty, but man does it suck having to do her laundry every. single. day!!

I lost 2 more pounds this week! Yay me! I'm down 5 lbs. from the beginning of the year. I know that's not very much, but it's a start and I'll take it!! :D Once I start working out more, hopefully it'll get to be more and more and more and more....

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I'm really tired. I need to start going to bed earlier. But I suck at that. It's my only time to myself! When the girls are in bed and Adam's asleep. That's when I can do what I want. So I take the lack of sleep to read blogs, write blogs, peruse Facebook, etc. You know how it is.

OH! One more thing. So yesterday, we put M to bed and her new thing is that she keeps saying she 'can't like' her new bed. She doesn't like the rails on the side. Side story: She told me tonight she wants her big piece back. The front of the crib. HA! Okay, back to the original story. We put her down, she got up. We put her down and then Adam and I were in our room, in the bathroom part and Adam asked me to scratch his back, so he leaned onto the bathroom counter and I was scratching it and then we started laughing about something and next thing I know, Makayla is right next to us, laughing! It scared the crap outta me because I didn't hear her come in and then, BAM! She's right there. It was so freaking funny, though, because she just stood there and was cackling, laughing, throwing her head back in hilarity. It was too funny! I was crying, I was laughing so hard!!! And I couldn't even tell her to go back to bed for, like, 5 minutes! She cracks me up. All the time.

Okay, carry on.


Rachel said...

You look so cute! Great job on the clothes!! :)

For M's pull up issue - we were having the same issue with J - do you use the 'nighttime' pull ups? We switched to those and in a bigger size, even though he's 3 1/2 he 'should' wear 2t/3t but we put him in 3t/4t. We haven't had a leak (okay maybe 1 or 2) since. But not every day like it was!

Nate and Karisa said...

Ok, for starters I just started working out again so I know how hard losing weight is...and I am so proud of you!!! Secondly, your kids are precious and I love hearing what M is saying all the time! And third, we use the Pampers night time diapers and they are awesome. We don't have any leaks at night anymore. That's all. :)