23 January 2011

Addison's 7 Month Photos.

The two most amazing girls on the planet. I adore this photo.
Such an angel baby.


Her hands are to die for! Look at how delicious they look!

Eating away at her squishy.

This face. Precious.


Her little smirk is so stinkin' cute!!

And my sweet big girl. I love her so very, very much.

She's pondering life, I'm sure. ;)


Korinne Hoh said...

These pics are great! I <3 close ups! The one of her eyes is AWESOME. I love the editing here too.

L. said...

Lovely photos! I think our kiddos are the same age--Sammy turned seven months old yesterday, too!

Brandi Elam said...

You have such beautiful kids! Their eyes are sooo gorgeous!