25 January 2011

Makayla's 3 Year Appointment.

We had M's 3 year appointment today. She weighs 35.5 lbs. and is 37 1/2 inches tall. 90th percentile for weight...50th percentile for height. She still looks skinny mini to me.

So I asked the doc about M peeing through her Pull Up almost every night and she said, unfortunately, there's really nothing we can do about it. She said waking M up to take her potty before we go to bed will do more harm than good. We can get some mattress pads to save the mattress, but that's about it. So for now, we deal.

Also, both my parents (at different times) said something about Makayla's hair being in her face and how she always has her neck tilted to one side to see through her hair. My mom suggested I ask the doctor about it, so I did.

And you know what? She might have to go in for physical therapy for it. Apparently, she does tilt her head to the side more than I ever noticed. I guess it just looks normal to me. The doc said to part her hair going the other direction and see if that helps. Or get her hair cut. Which we're not doing. I don't want M to have bangs. And since her hair will NOT go the other way, I told her today that we have to (HAVE TO) wear a clip in our hair every day when she wakes up. She can't take it out and she can't fight me on it. She's been wearing it since she got up from her nap and it hasn't bothered her since. So hopefully, that'll help and we won't need to do physical therapy. Because, in the words of the pediatrician, 'That would be a lot of fun.' HA! Because it wouldn't be. And she was being sarcastic. Duh.

Makayla wouldn't talk the whole time we were there. She was being SUPER shy, which is so not like my girl. But she hates the doctor, so what can I say? I guess she's missing a shot, so we're going back next week to get that. We could have gotten it today, but I wanted her to end the appointment on a (somewhat) good note. She did say a few words by the time we were leaving.

This morning, while we were getting ready to go, I had just gotten out of the shower (hence no clothes on yet), when M came in the bedroom and said, 'Girls have 'ginys (I hope you know what we're talking about here...).' And I said, 'Yes, they do.' Then she said, 'Boys have tails. With 'ginys.' HAHAHAHA!!! She's too freaking funny, that one.

Happy 3 years and 1 month!!

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