21 December 2010

Real Live Update Time!!

This is LONG overdue update.

I've been really busy with, um, life. And my blog has gone by the wayside, in real life posts and even in reviews. The reviews and giveaways will be coming to a close very, very soon. Hopefully, by the end of the month. It gets extremely tiring trying to keep up with them on top of caring for two amazingly adorable girls.

So. Now for the update.

Bullet style. Cuz it's my fave.

•I'm hosting Christmas this year. I'm excited. And nervous. I really want cloth napkins for the event. I'm thinking about making some...but Christmas is Saturday! Which leads me to my next bullet point...

•I got my sewing machine in the mail today! Adam's mom got me one for Christmas. It's still in the box as of right now and it's killing me!! I want to open it and play with it, but I know I need to do that when I actually have some time to devote to it and that is just not right now.

•I'm making some gifts for some people this year and I'm totally pumped about it. Of course, I can't say what they are because some of those people read this blog, but they're awesome. And I hope the receivers love them as much as I do. And if they don't? Well, they can give 'em back to me because I heart them. :)

Here's some really old news:

•Our Christmas decorations were up December 1st. I have loved looking at them all month long. We don't have as much Christmas stuff as I thought, but I'm still convinced that some of our crap is in California. Adam can't find any of his sweaters. Did they just up and walk out? I don't think so. And they aren't here so....

• The first snow was on December 1st. It was a light dusting, but then the next week, we got hit pretty hard. Adam took a day off work, but he worked from home. It was nice to have him home for the day, even though I felt like I couldn't talk to him. HA!

•We had my mom and my stepdad over for dinner. It was really nice to get to hang out with them. They've been helping us SO much since we moved back to Ohio. I hope we can do it more often once the holidays are over. Everything is just so busy during the holidays, ya know?

•So while we had them over for dinner, I was talking about how we had a purple (wtf?) stocking for Makayla and none for Addison. I said I didn't like the purple one and it's gross. To which M replied, 'Mommy, I'm purple and I'm gross?' We were all laughing hysterically. That child cracks. me. up.

•One day, M and I were playing and right now she's obsessed with knowing who's who. Like, mother, daughter, father, sister, etc. So she thinks Addi is my sister. And I'm her daughter. It's pretty funny. But while we're playing, she's telling me something of utmost importance and then she looks at me and says, 'Okay, daughter?' very matter of factly. Too cute.

•Addison started the armless swaddle on Sunday November 28th. I know, super late to get it down now, but at least I've got it now. She is now in those sleep sacks. She still has her positioner in there, but the other night, Adam and I snuck in to see how she sleeps and she was on her side. I don't know if I should take the positioner away. I think I'm going to tomorrow night.

A few more awesome things that have come out of my child's mouth:

•We were at my mom's house one day and M had something and my mom and I were playing with her, throwing it back and forth, so she couldn't get it. So my mom had whatever it was and M starts yelling, 'Don't throw it to Na-my!' It was like a hybrid of Nana and Mommy. We were cracking up.

•'Why you turn my tv off? I really wanna watch something.'

•'What's that?' Me: 'I'm not sure. What is it?' 'It's just the fridge.' HA!

•She says 'Bless you.' and 'You're welcome.' every time. And it is SO cute to hear someone so tiny say such adult things. I love her.

•Adam put Makayla's toy kitchen together last night (it's a Christmas gift from Mom and Ron) and we covered it and left it in the play room because it weighs 86 lbs. and well, we have no choice. So, she saw the side wall, which is white, tonight and said, 'That's my kitchen!' Dude. Brilliant. So Adam made up some story about scary piano playing monsters or something and that was that. She didn't say another word about it. Now we just have to keep her away from it til Saturday...

•Which happens to be her THIRD birthday. Gah! How did this happen? She's SO big. And SO amazing.

•I asked M something one day about her lunch and she said, 'I'm good. I have fries still. They're yummy.' She's such an adult!

•'I love stars. They're my favorite in the whole world!'

•She has this magic wand and she runs around with it saying, 'Dash!' to everyone. We aren't sure what it means, but Adam has started to run away when she says it and that seems to work. So I'm guessing it means you're supposed to leave the room? :)

Back to the rest of my update stuffs.

•December 7th: Adam decides to go get our Christmas tree. It's the first year we are going to have real tree! So exciting! He takes Makayla with him, comes home and proceeds to tell me that he got the tree, the guys strapped it on the top of the car, he drives home, gets here and there's no tree. I think it's pretty funny. Adam does not.

He goes back to get a tree again (for free. He called and they said they'd give him another one.) and on the way home, he sees the other tree. Too hilarious. Well then the dumb thing won't stand straight. He has to cut some branches off. We don't own a saw. You know where this is going? He uses one of my steak knives. Oh yes, yes he did. It worked. Hilarity.

•It has been 6 years, to the day, since Adam proposed in North Dakota.-December 20, 2004.

•Addison started eating avocado tonight!!-December 20, 2010. She was NOT a fan. She gagged. Twice. I think it needs to be mashed up more than it was, though.

•We got land to build our house!! I am SO freaking excited. And we have an appointment next month to pick out allllllll the colors for everything. I can't wait!

•Also, Addison will be 6 months old on the 23rd. SIX MONTHS. How is this happening? And how can I stop it?

I feel like one of Santa's elves. Speaking of Santa, we've decided we are going to tell Makayla (and Addison, when she's old enough) that Santa isn't real. We don't want her believing in something fictional like that and then tell her about Jesus, another person she can't see. It's too convoluted. Either way, she brings up Santa one day, so I ask Adam if now is the time to tell her. He says yes. So I do. I say, 'Honey, Santa isn't real.' She was coloring at the time. She looks up at me and just stares at me. With the blankest of blank stares. I think I destroyed her childhood.

Although she seems to be over it now. She still talks about Santa and stuff, so it's all good.

Ummmmm, I think that's it for now. I feel updated now. Like I said before, reviews and giveaways will be coming to a halt. Possibly forever. It was fun while it lasted, but it is so much work. And I have a family to take care of. And sewing to learn. And crafts to do.

I'm looking forward to this Christmas. A lot.

I love life. <3


Michelle said...

Three year olds say the craziest things. Congrats on the new house! Oh, about adam's sweater situation...they may turn up, sometime. I just found a box containing my hand mixer (that I've been looking for since leaving Travis) that I blamed sam for losing.

Rachel said...

Three year olds are so funny!! I love it.

Have a Merry Chrimstmas and a happy birthday to Makayla!!