14 December 2010

December. In Pictures. So Far. And November, Too.

When it rains, it pours, people.
December Pics


 This face cracks me up every time!
 Am arteest.

 Waiting for our nightly dance party.
 Again. Arteest.
 Showing me her candy she got for pooping in the potty. Go 'Kayla!
 My big girl put the first ornament on the tree. It's not in the same spot anymore, though. HA!

November Pics
 This face cracks. me. up.!!!
 There was, like, a two week period where this tongue was always out.

 Addison's first time in her high chair!

 She makes THE most hilarious faces of all time.
 Oatmeal for the first time ever! November 15, 2010.
 She wasn't a big fan.

 It was so nice out that we got to eat lunch outside!
 Hey guys! I'm just happy to be here!

I love their sisterly bond.

And there you have it. The last month and a half in our house. Roughly. I only have about 200 more photos to upload (download?) onto the computer. I went picture happy tonight. But I got some great ones. And I'm going to try my hand at editing some of them, too. Tomorrow. Now? We go to bed.


Rachel said...

Did your baby get some teeth? I swear every time my baby girl was teething her tongue would be out! Great photos of a beautiful family!

L. said...

Your little girls are adorable! Great photos (and captions)! :)

Rachel said...

Very precious pictures :)