24 December 2010

Addi Girl.

Dear Addison,

You are 6 months old. I can't believe it! These past six months have just flown by. Two days ago, I took your sleep positioner out of your bed for good. The first night you did great and then the next day during your first nap was a bit rocky. You cried for 20 minutes until you finally succumbed to the awesome that is belly sleeping.

You slept for 2 straight hours. And you did the same thing yesterday and today. (This is supposed to be on December 23rd...)

You eat oatmeal, though you tried avocado the other day. Not such a fan, so I'm waiting a little while longer for that one. You'll start another food here soon. Get this ball rolling!

You wear 6-9 month clothes. Some are a little big, but we need that room for your fluffy butt! :)

You used a sippy cup for the first time on the 22nd. You're just getting so big!

You are THE happiest baby I have ever seen. Your face lights up when Makayla walks in the room.

You still love to be in the baby suity (Baby Bjorn) when Daddy is around. In fact, the past couple days, you have started crying when you see him. I think it's because you want to get in there and kick your legs.

You were sleeping through the night, until we went to Virginia for Thanksgiving. I don't know what happened...But, you do sleep from 7pm-12 or 1am-ish, so that's still good. Then, you sometimes get up around 5 or 6am and then sleep again until 8:30ish, usually. You love to sleep...just like your parents!

You are always happy. I mean, always. Every time I look at you, you smile. It's amazing.

You crack up at me all the time and I love it. Like today, I just kept saying, 'You tired, Addi?' and you would laugh and laugh and laugh. Melts my heart.

I love to tickle your back because it gets you cracking up, too.

You love your ExerSaucer. That thing has been indispensable to us. I couldn't get anything done during the day without it, swearsies.

You are a true belly sleeper now. I lay you down on your back and you roll to your side and within seconds, you're on your belly. You're still getting used to it, though, because you'll fuss for a minute and then...silence. It's comfy, I know.

You still love the milkies, but duh. Who wouldn't?

You fall asleep on the boob every night and then, when you do, I put you up on my shoulder, burp you and just hold you and breathe in your sweet, sweet baby scent for a while. I'll never get these days back, you know. I love those precious moments when you sleep on my shoulder and I can just kiss your gorgeous cheeks and breathe you in. Your scent needs to be bottled.

You and your sister have the most wonderful bond I have ever seen between two people. You get each other. Just today, you were both staring at each other...I was holding you and Makayla was sitting across from you. You started to whimper and M did the same thing. Neither of you was faking it, you're just that in tune with each other.

Makayla can put the biggest smile on your face just by looking at you. She loves to help me out. She brings me the Bobby, burp cloths, diapers. She always gets your bib for you when you eat your dinner. Every morning, when we go in to sister's room, you lay next to each other and just stare at each other. It's beautiful to watch, really.

You've been talking a lot more lately. Or should I say yelling. It's not out of control yet, but you do love to use those vocal chords! You love to chat it up when you're in your ExerSaucer and I love to just watch you talk and talk and grab your toys. You're especially fond of the orange lion. You like to bite his face.

You haven't sat up on your own yet, but I think you're really close! You've got some strong back muscles.

I think you're teething, but then again, who really knows, right? They'll come when they're ready. You do love to chew on your hand, my finger, your doggie's ear, any toy that's within reach, anything!

You are really grabbing toys a lot more now. You grab them and hold onto them for dear life. It's so fun to watch you take every new sight and sound in.

We'll be celebrating your very first Christmas on Saturday!! And it's big sister's birthday!!

In short, you are astounding, sweet girl. Thank you for being part of our family for the last 6 months. They've been wonderful. You have blessed me more than you will ever know, Addi Girl.

I can't believe my baby is half a year old already.

I love you with every fiber of my being, Addison. Thank you for who you are.

Love always and forever,


♥The Sweet Life♥ (Alessandra) said...

Awww such a precious & sweet post!!!!!!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Love your new page! And so sweet about Addison and Makayla. So delish!Bonding babes???? Happy 6 months baby! <3

Mama said...

Such sweet thoughts...I love it...
Love you,