07 January 2015

Wednesday Weeklies!

And so we meet again. There are just, like, so many good things on this world wide web! And I love sharing them. Even if nobody reads this...I like having these cute little things here to look at again and again! Enjoy this week's installment of Wednesday Weeklies!

•I just found this sweet girl on Instagram via the Explore page and I was hooked as soon as I stalked browsed through her pictures. She's stunning...her pictures are stunning....and then I found her blog! And wow. She's got a way with words, this one. So I'm hooked is all I'm saying. And I found this gem that she wrote about doing it all. It resonated with me. If you're in the Mommy trenches and feeling unsettled about your ability to keep juggling all those balls in the air, read this. I love honesty.

How to Do It All.

•The Bachelor started this past Monday. It did not disappoint. It lives true to its nature...everyone is here for love, nobody finds love, drama, drama, drama. And all of America is hooked! I'm one of those people...what can I say? I love a good fake reality tv show! So this little list made me crack up and I promptly sent it to my mom who also loves the show.

What Happens on Every Season of The Bachelor

•Hello Giggles is quickly becoming a favorite website of mine. Their articles are adorable, I've gotten book recommendations from there and some serious thought provoking articles, too. And this is just too freaking cute for words. I die. And I MUST get to Tokyo!!!

Owl Coffee Shop!

•Glennon Doyle Melton wrote my favorite book ever. Carry On, Warrior. It is the best. It helped me get through a difficult life period and I need to read it again to refresh. She's witty, sweet, hilarious and just all kinds of awesome. I got to meet her last April and she was just as adorable in person. Her blog posts can get lengthy sometimes, but this is short and sweet. And to the point. Life is forever tries. Don't get down on yourself because you are awesome and doing an awesome job. Read this!!

Forever Tries

•I LOVE reading. Did you guys know? If not, you should get out from under that rock, though. Annnnnyway, this list pretty much sums up my thoughts when I hear someone doesn't read. Like, um, what? Are my ears deceiving me, because you did not just say that?! Let me know if you agree!

6 Reactions Book Lovers Have to People Who Don't Read.

•I had an unfortunate experience after drinking two cups of coffee through the course of the day yesterday. I got REALLY irritable and annoyed and started having heart palpitations. It was weird and scary. I was super angry for no reason. My girls were getting on my nerves and they weren't even doing anything! Then I stumbled across this article and it made perfect sense. Just get over the fact that a New York Magazine article spelled extrovert wrong. I mean, extroverts ARE full of extra vert, so maybe that's what they were going for?

When Introverts Should Avoid Coffee

That's all for this week! Anyone enjoying this? Well, I am. So until next time!! :)

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