05 January 2015

Christmas Day!

So obviously I'm not posting this on Christmas Day. Life is so hectic for us that day, as I know it is for most. Just a little bit more for us because Makayla's birthday! As is my life motto: better late than never! :)

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Every year is always amazing and I think no other year will top it. And then it does! Each day has its own special beauty that comes with it...even not on Christmas! But there's just something about December 25th. It's become all the more special since our babe was born seven years ago!

Let's start at the beginning of our day...the girls woke us up at 5:30am! I think the last time I saw that time of day was in Basic Training! I am SO not a fan of waking up early. We tried to keep them in our bed until at least 6, but it didn't work out so well. They already ran downstairs and saw that Santa came!! Makayla came bursting in our room and said, "Santa came and there's a big box and I know it's an American Girl doll because that's what I asked for!" And she was totally right. :)

So we begrudgingly went downstairs to open our gifts before the glorious sun was even up. It was hard, but our girls' excitement was so contagious that it woke us up a little bit!

The girls opened their gifts from Santa and everyone was super happy! Makayla got the American Girl doll of the year, Isabelle. Which brings her total to three AG dolls. Excessive, I know, but I never had one growing up, always wanted one, always looked at the catalogs and now I get to spoil my girl! The other girls don't have any because, let's face it, they won't take care of them and those things are expensive! Addi got Anna from Frozen and Kalkidan got Elsa from Frozen. They like those and I don't care if they get destroyed because they aren't 8 million dollars per doll. Win win.

We took a little break and ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then went right back to opening the rest of our gifts! I *might* go a little overboard at Christmas, but my girls are worth it. And it's SO FUN!!!! They got so many fun new toys, pjs, clothes, hats, books, you name it. I love shopping for them! Oh yeah, Adam and I opened gifts, too. I love presents!!

We finally finished after the sun came up. Then we did our stockings which is always a fun little treat! After cleaning up that mess, opening up every single stupid toy package known to man and one plastic cut on my thumb, Adam and I made Christmas dinner/lunch!

It was delicious, like it always is. We threw in Miracle on 34th Street for the girls, while Adam and I napped because 5:30AM. And that whole entire time, Makayla kept asking if she could open her birthday presents! This kid!

So right after the time she was actually born (4:27PM) we did our birthday festivities! She opened up all her birthday gifts in our room upstairs because she got this totally rad horse and stable for her AG dolls! She was in love! She also got some clothes and books and a few other little toys and games. Then we had what she chose for dinner...design a pizza by Digornio! She is the sweetest. We let her pick what she wants to eat for her birthday dinner every year because I'm sure it probably sucks a little bit that everyone else opens presents on YOUR birthday. But I also know how much she LOVES having a special birthday! She asks me to tell everyone all the time. And I totally do. :)

That was our day! I think we ended it by watching some Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix. I dunno. It was an exhausting day. But it's always so fun. My house is always trashed...dishes everywhere, wrapping paper and toys littering our living room floor.

So the next day was Operation Clean Up! And we did. We found a new spot for all of our fun new toys. And obviously by now my house is back to normal. I'm so glad we got rid of about three boxes and two trash bags worth of toys back in October. That really helped us have space for all the new stuff the girls got! They sure are spoiled, too! Between us, Santa and four sets of grandparents...I think they're set for a while! Or forever. HAHA!

I'm looking forward to no more wrapping paper for a while!! Buuuuuuut, we do have Makayla's friends' birthday party coming up in a few weeks! More toys! Get me outta here!!!

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