02 November 2014

Whole 30. Day 1.

Well here we are! Day 1 of Whole 30. How do I feel? Hard to say.

I was exhausted all day. I had a serious headache and slept nearly the whole day away. Adam took care of making ALL of our food today and even made some stuff for tomorrow for me to eat for lunch.

I'm just going to list out my ailments here so I have them and can look back on this list at this end of these 30 days and see how I feel. These are all things that have happened for a long, long, long time before I started Whole 30. So today's headache is from my body detoxing, I'm sure.

•Frequent headaches, like every other day
•Dizzy spells at least once a month, sometimes more
•Mental fogginess
•Both arms go numb all the damn time. More so the right arm
•Back pain on the regular, mostly lower and mid back
•Right shoulder pain
•Neck pain
•Supah stressed out just about life
•Always hungry, but feel gross after I eat

I think that about covers it. I'm excited to see what these 30 days will do for my body and my health. I have pictures of our yummy food we ate today but my phone and computer won't sync up right now so hopefully I can add them later. But here's what we ate.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with green peppers and onions. A whole avocado with salt, pepper and fresh cilantro. Some blackberries on the side.

Lunch: Almond flour crusted chicken nuggets with fried potatoes.

Dinner: Roasted chicken that was brined in salt and water overnight. Roasted potatoes, carrots, onions and Brussels sprouts.

All of the food was awesome today, but my body is just not used to eating so clean without all the preservatives and sugar and nasty junk that is in other 'food'.

I'm super excited about this journey. I'm so glad Adam is doing it with me and that he made all of our food today. He is the bestest. I'm also glad that my friend Cori is doing it with me and we are texting back and forth through this process! It's awesome to have a support system. Makes it harder to quit. And I'm determined. I'm determined to finish this and make my body healthier.

Also you aren't supposed to step on the scale during these 30 days. So Adam and I weighed ourselves today and then we will again on December 2nd. It's not about losing weight, but I hope I do some of that anyway. :)

Thanks for reading my journey and I look forward to keeping up with how I feel and all the changes I am looking forward to!

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