31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Here we are! At the end of October AND the end of writing for 31 days. I might have slacked a little bit and went back and blogged a few days in a row. But, I did it. Let's just focus on that. Yay me! It was a pain in the ass to think of stuff to write for 31 days straight. But I'm happy with myself for sticking to it and completing it. Now onto my next 30 day challenge starting on Sunday...Whole 30! I'll be blogging through the process, so get excited!!

The girls were so excited for Halloween today. Makayla dressed up as a kitty cat for school. She looks adorable, as usual. Kalkidan had a wardrobe change about 30,000 times during the day. She was Tiana for most of the day and Aurora when we went trick or treating. Addison was Anna in her dress up dress and then Anna in her fancy pjs.

They had such a fun time trick or treating with our friends, Jasmin, Taurean and Jacory. Our neighborhood was a total bust for candy, though. There was like nobody out. But there was a cute little festival put on by a local church so the kids enjoyed being there for a bit.

We were home by 8, let the girls have one piece of candy each and then shoved them off to bed.

Pictures will be coming soon. My computer is not cooperating with me tonight. And, as usual, I'm tired. Happy Halloween!!

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