27 October 2014

Whole 30. November 2.

That pretty much sums it up. We are starting Whole 30 on November 2nd.

I'm scared. And also a little excited.

I'm still reading about it. Still waiting for my book to come in at the library. But all the success stories that I've heard? I'm on board with that.

Something's gotta give. I've been feeling so horrible lately. My skin looks like crap. I have breakouts all the time and red, blotchy spots everywhere. I feel sick nearly every time I eat anything. Mostly when I eat fast food, which I know is bad for my body and my health. I get headaches every other day and about once a month, I get a headache so bad that the only thing I can do is lay down and go to sleep. Not really conducive to my lifestyle of three children to take care of and drive around all day.

Not to mention the obvious. I'm overweight and don't want to be. I want to feel good in my body and even though I am proud of how my body has served me for the last 30 years, I want to give back to it. I want to be healthy and show my girls how that looks. I want them to know that eating fruits and vegetables is WAY better than processed snacks and junk.

My main issue and probably the only thing that will make me fail is not being prepared. SO I am going to be prepared. I am going to have fruits and veggies cut up. I am going to have a menu plan. I am going to make sure that I can't fail. I'm not going to take the easy road on this. I want this and I need to make it happen. Because I'm the only one that can. So I shall.

Follow along on this journey! Even though my Write 31 Days will be over in November, I plan to continue blogging and I will share my stories and recipes and hardships on Whole 30. I've heard it's amazing, so let's see if it lives up to its end of the bargain.

Whole 30 starts in seven days!! Check it out HERE to see what all this fuss is about!

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Tricia LaCorte said...

Your whole 30 game plan sounds awesome! Cheering for you from NC