26 October 2014

My Makayla.

Yet another busy day here at the Crockett Hizzy. Today I got to take Makayla out on a date with my mom and then later with Adam! It's wonderful to me to be able to carve this time out to spend one on two with each of my girls. They love it. I love it. It's a beautiful time to ask them questions and hear what's on their heart. Especially with Makayla. She is so open and animated and cares about so many different things. I told her today that 'cabrito' means baby goat and then I told her that people eat baby goat sometimes. And she got so sad. She is an animal lover through and through. Right now she is campaigning to get another kitty cat for Christmas. She also wants to be a vet when she grows up. She is the best.

Nana and I took her out to Sonic for lunch...her choice. I got sick. Because, well, it's fast food and my body is not a fan. Which is good. I didn't get as sick as I normally do. Just a little woozy and my head felt cloudy all day. I'm feeling better now, thanks for asking.

So we hung out in the car, eating our food and chattin' it up. She got this silly little Superman toy that has a bad guy (Lex Luthor) that you have to shoot with this Superman thing. It's confusing, but it was so fun watching her do it in the car today. She was having such a blast and laughing her sweet little head off. Her laugh is contagious!

We went to two Halloween stores to find costumes that she wanted. She wants to be a Maine Coon cat for school and a Maltese puppy for trick or treating. We went to Party City and found a kitty costume and got that. No puppies so we went to Halloween City and it was super scary for her. And still no puppy. So I think she's going to be a kitty for both things now.

After that, we came home, I caught up on some things (mostly this blog...) and then we were back at it again! Out with Daddy for dessert! Oh yeah, we ate this super fantastic delicious roast chicken that Adam made. It is out of bounds, y'all. It's magic in that chicken, I swear. This is the second time he has made it and it is juicy and moist and tender and flavorful and all the things. The veggies he makes with it are, too. Sunday Roast Days are our new thing. SO GOOD, I CAN'T EVEN.

Before we took M out, Mom and I took M and Addi to the library. Kiki stayed home with Adam to make this fairy doll that we bought her when we went to San Antonio in September. They had fun and we had fun getting some new books. All my girls are the sweetest.

And then Jamba Juice with our baby girl for dessert. We went inside and had a smoothie and chatted about life and school. She told her Daddy how scary the Halloween store was for her and how there were all these dead looking statues and one jumped out at her. I had to cover her eyes when we were walking out. I hate those stores anyway and I'm so glad my girls love the fun parts of Halloween and not the scary junk.

We went to Target again. I can't get away, apparently. We just went for some Christmas ideas for Makayla and her sisters. We took pictures of her ideas and her little face lit up. I think she kind of loves Christmas. Couple that with it being her birthday and you have one happy little almost seven year old!!

We came home to a clean kitchen (thanks Mom!!) and Adam bathed the girls. We got them in bed and now I need to relax. I have been going all weekend. It's been so amazing and so much fun, but I need to chill for a bit now. I'm exhausted!

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