25 October 2014

Dates with Addison. And Adam.

I love the weekends. I'm sure everyone does. But I love having that unlimited time with my family. We are all together, under one roof, for forty eight blissful (most of the time, anyway) hours. It's peaceful, restful and so totally fun. Is life with little kids every really restful or peaceful? I dunno, but I like to think it is when we are all together. We always have fun. Library runs are a must on the weekends. Going out to eat is always a hit. Especially for me...no cooking and no dishes is definitely a plus! Adam typically does all the cooking on the weekends because he is amazing. It works out well that way. I get a break and he gets to have some time doing something he loves.

I love the weekends.

Today we had the privilege of taking Addison out one on one. Or one on two, I should say. Adam and I took her out, just her. I can't even tell you the last time that has happened. This might have been the first time. I literally can't remember anymore. It was such a blast.

Addi picked to go to Ti-Ta-Lay (Chick-Fil-A) for lunch, so we went there. We sat in the booth and asked her about school. She loves school. We asked her what they do during the day and who her best friend is. We played with the toy that she got from her meal. It was this super cute little ABC game thing. She ended up writing her letters on each card...three times. She can write the entire alphabet! How rad is that?! I am so proud of her and all that she is learning. We played some silly little games at the table. Such good bonding time.

She loves to write her name and she always wants to write 'Addison', not 'Addi'. She can also sign her name because Nana taught her how!

She wanted an ice cream cone so we got her one and then we hung out in the car. Addi loves to change the music in the car. I mean, LOVES. She was up in the front seat (we were parked, obviously) turning up the volume and grooving to the music. Then she wanted to change CDs. Then she needed to change songs. Then she would ask which song I wanted to listen to. And she would find the number and change it. And then turn it up and sing. Cutest thing EVER.

I love the weekends.

And I love, love, love my baby girl. Time alone with my girls is so precious because it is so rare. Three tiny humans can be daunting most days. One is a treat. A glorious treat.

After that fun afternoon, we came home and my mom and I ran some errands. We had to head back to Ulta and Target again. I think I live at Target. I mean, I totally would. Then I came home, jumped in the shower and took off again to go on a date with Adam!

Adam and I going on a date is so freaking rare that I can't even tell you the last time that happened. Well, except for last weekend when we went out while my mom is here. But before that? No clue.

We went to Posado's Cafe, a delicious Mexican restaurant. I heart Mexican food. Like a lot. It's my love language, I think. We had never been there before and it did not disappoint. Then we went to....you guessed it, Target. We obviously had something else we forgot to get the last thirty times we were there this week. I live there, I tell you.

Annnnnd then we came home. Because we are boring. And also because we really just love being at home. Also my love language. My home is my sanctuary. I feel safe here. And my house is beautiful and getting decorated more and more every week. I love my home.

I love the weekends.

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