24 October 2014

Friday Night Lights.

HAHA! This post has nothing to do with football. You know why? Because I loathe football. I also loathe coming up with blog post titles. So I throw out what's in my brain. And today is Friday. So you know, you're welcome and stuff.

We took the little girls to Las Pinatas for lunch. That place is so good. They have street tacos and they taste just like I want them to. The girls were so sweet at lunch today. We got these adorable little erasers that are in the shapes of mexican foods! We got almost all of them and I'm sort of obsessed. I'm a kid at heart. Always and forever.

My mama and I went out alone tonight. We had a mission! Target for curtain tie backs, Ulta for new makeup for me, Jo-Ann's for Project Life stuff since it's 40% off, Michael's for other Project Life stuff and Bed Bath & Beyond. Apparently I can't wait until Christmas for anything. My bust.

After we came out of Michael's, there were birds all over my car. It was dark outside and way creepy. Then we were driving to another store and these birds were EVERYWHERE. Lining every single telephone wire, flying in huge flocks above us, all over the roofs of the buildings. It was insanity. But also made for pretty pictures. I edited this one so it looks like it's during the day, but it was really pitch black outside and totally creepy with all these birds.

Annnnnway, we did it all and then went to In-N-Out for dinner because, why not?! I got sick afterwards, of course. It's my MO with fast food now. I'm kinda liking that that's how I feel after eating food that's bad for me. It's getting me closer and closer to Whole 30. Perfect timing. Still reading about it and waiting for my copy of the book at the library, but Adam and I have decided we are going to start Whole 30 on November 2nd. I'm excited and a little nervous.

So yes. That was our Friday. I really do love spending time with my mommy. She's the greatest and you should all be jealous you don't have my mom as your mom. :)

Now onto the next things! Getting the curtain tie backs actually hung and actually putting pictures in my new, adorable Project Life album. Gotta print pictures first. We'll see when I make time for that.

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