28 October 2014

The One Where We Go to the ER.

Today was an interesting and way stressful day.

Addison wasn't feeling well last night. She kept all of us up for most of the night. But she couldn't ever tell us what was wrong or what was hurting or anything. So we were all exhausted last night with no idea why my baby girl was crying all night long.

We kept her home from school today since she was BURNING up this morning. We took her temperature when she woke up and it was 102.7. Not cool. Literally. I took the other two to school and then had to head right over to our local Firestone and get my oil changed and my tires rotated.

My mom stayed home with Addison and I'm so thankful she was here for this crazy day. So I'm at Firestone waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. It took over two hours of me sitting in their waiting room since I didn't have a car to go anywhere. I grabbed us lunch on the way home. They forgot half of our order so I had to go back and get the rest of it. THEN, I finally went home, starving and ready for some sustenance.

We sit down at the table and Addi is SUPAH hot. I'm like, I'll just check her temperature and give her some more Tylenol after we are done with lunch. But she was sitting at the table looking rough. She said she was going to wait to eat lunch when Nana sat down. Well then Nana sat down and Addi said she was going to wait. So I stopped eating and decided to get the thermometer and check her temp.

It was 103.4. I called Adam and asked if we should go to the ER and he said absolutely. So we dropped everything, loaded up my baby girl and sped to the ER. Thankfully we know our way around the ER because we tend to go there a lot. So we got there and they took us right back after I filled out the paperwork.

Her temp had gone down to 102.8, so that's good. The doctor came in and checked her ears and said she has so much wax that they couldn't even see her ear drums. They called in two more nurses to hold her down and proceeded to take out buckets of wax out of her ear. I mean, it was more wax than any tiny human should produce. It was disgusting. And all the while my sweet girl is laying there screaming for me to stop. And I'm crying and holding her hand and Nana is crying and we are a total mess. All three of us.

They're finally done and the doctor looks in her ear and sees that she has an ear infection. They gave her some more Tylenol since I didn't give her enough for her size and then some Motrin, too. They gave us an amoxicillin prescription and sent us on our way. They were super sweet with her and so caring. It was an amazing experience, just like last month when we were there for Adam's finger.

By that time, we had to run to get Kalkidan from school and then to Makayla's school. It was insanity. I feel like all I ever do anymore is drive. Having three kids in three different schools leads to living out of your car.

Miss Addi fell asleep in the car and I'm so glad she did. She woke up crying twice, but then fell back asleep. She's gonna sleep in our bed tonight. I like having her close to me when she isn't feeling good.

The worst part of this whole story is that we took her to the doctor just yesterday and they didn't say anything about any of this. They didn't say that she had so much wax in her ear that they couldn't tell if she had an ear infection or anything. What a mess. We actually took her because we thought she had pink eye, but she doesn't. Of course, they prescribed her eye drops anyway because they are kind of irresponsible, in my opinion. I think we'll be looking for a new pediatrician. Again. This isn't our first rodeo with incompetent doctors. It's sad but it's reality.

So that was our day. It was insane and I am so tired from being up all night and now I'm ready to just crash. Time to put everyone to bed so I can go to bed, too.

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