02 October 2014


Since the little biscuits have started preschool this year, Tuesdays and Thursdays are just crazy town around here. Three different schools for three different humans is just a lot of driving. But I get a little break twice a week, which is AWESOME.

Every Thursday I volunteer at Makayla's school. I just listen to the kids tell me their popcorn words and if they know them, they move on to the next set of lists. If they don't, we wait until the next week. Well it's week six of school and Makayla has been on the All Star list for two weeks already! That means that she's gone through all the lists (36 in all, I think) and she knows them all! I'm so proud! There are three other kids on the All Star list, too. They are such sweet kids!! One sweet girl today said, "I'm on the All Star list! Makayla helped me learn them so much!" How precious is that?!

I really love that I have the chance to volunteer at M's school this year. Last year I wanted to so bad but I wasn't allowed to bring the little ones to anything so I couldn't do anything. Not even field trips. That was a bummer. So this year has already been awesome!!

I still get a few hours to myself to do whatever I want AND I get to help out Makayla's amazing teacher. I usually just relax and catch up on my shows. Or do laundry and dishes. Or read. I started Gone Girl today, but I'm not too far in. I watched Red Band Society (MY NEW FAVE) and took a little nap, too.

We got our brand new couch this past Tuesday and I am IN LOVE. We moved into our new house in July and we haven't had a couch since then. We have been using our extra queen size bed as our 'couch'. HA! So it's nice to be able to sit up straight and not have to lay on the bed and be way under the tv. It's complicated and I'm so glad it's over. :)

Addi was star of the week this week, which I think I mentioned yesterday. Her teacher said that she is such a great listener and is just such a sweet girl. It's really nice to hear stuff like that from other people. Because even though I already know it, it's nice for it to be acknowledged by others. :)

Also this morning when I dropped Addison off at school, she grabbed her backpack from me, gave me a hug and a kiss and walked right in to her classroom. She put her backpack in her basket and then sat down at her seat and started practicing her letters. She looked over and blew me and Kiki a kiss and said bye. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen!! We've come a long way in a month. The first couple weeks she would cry and cry and her teachers would have to just take her from me while she was screaming. It was heartbreaking. So even though it's heartbreaking for her to just run into her classroom now, it's a good kind. She's growing up. My sweet baby girl.

It's raining now and that's kind of my all time favorite. So I'm going to read while my girls watch Equestria Girls.

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