01 October 2014

Write 31 Days.

Hey y'all!

It's been SUPER quiet on this blog since JANUARY!! I know. I can't believe I'm back, either. I thought this space was dead, for sure.

BUT, I've decided that I REALLY want to start writing again and what better time to do that than during the Write 31 Days series by The Nester?! It's going to be challenging to think of stuff to write for 31 days straight, but I feel like my head has been all over the place for so long and I NEED to get some stuff written down.

I've decided I will focus on Family Life since that is my life. There will be stories about my girls and the sweet things they say, do, remind me of, etc. My husband and I might get thrown in every once in a while, as well.

I'll start with some sweetness that happened yesterday.

Addison started preschool in September this year. I ADORE her school. It is literally the best preschool ever. Her teachers are the sweetest and so kind and patient with her. So they have this little chart thing with different colors to help the kids get used to Kindergarten when they do the same thing. You can move up or down a color, depending on your behavior. The absolute best you can get is SHINY. And yesterday, Addison got SHINY for the second time!! I'm SO proud of her! Though she's a little stinker at home, but what can you expect? :)

Also, Makayla has a similar chart in first grade and yesterday she got OFF THE CHARTS! That's the third time she's gotten that since they started at the end of August! She gets a Falcon Feather, a special reward for getting off the charts, and a coupon from her teacher to do or bring a special thing to school. How fun, right?!

Sweet Kiki had an off day at her preschool yesterday. She started in September, as well...at a different school than Addi. I love her school, too! All my girls got blessed with fantastic teachers this year and I couldn't be more thankful for all of them. Anyway, Kalkidan is so sweet and happy and bubbly, but yesterday her teachers told me she was crying on and off all day. :( Poor girl. She has been home for almost two years and we are all still learning what makes her tick. Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day at school for her!

So here's to bringing this little bloggy blog back to life! Welcome back!! I'm excited for this challenge in writing again! I have seriously missed it and we have SO many moments that I just don't ever want to forget. See ya tomorrow! :)

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