03 October 2014

Random Thoughts On A Friday Night.

Today is just going to be a random thoughts day. I think about a lot of things in one day. I know, big concept, right? But seriously, my mind is always all over the place. So here are some of the things I want to say. Or not say. Or whatever.

I'm thinking about doing Whole 30. I seriously know thismuch information about it, but I'm researching and I'm kind of excited. And I eat HORRIBLE so this would be HUGE. I went to the doctor on Tuesday because my right arm goes numb about every ten seconds and it's been happening for about three years now. And I finally got sick of it. Tonight while I was making dinner, it kept going numb...to the point where I couldn't even freaking finish. I had to just nearly let my food burn because my entire arm was numb. It's annoying as all get out. So anyway, the doctor said I might have diabetes and I got bloodwork done and blah blah blah. I'm waiting to hear back and hoping I don't have diabetes. But I clearly need to start eating better, irregardless. (I used irregardless ironically. I know that's not a real word.)

We had a second cat. For about two weeks. Waaaaay back in June, we went to Virginia and stayed with Adam's family for a month. We had a blast! The girls got to swim almost every day and they were so entertained. It was such a fun month for all of us. Annnnyway (said in my best Joel McHale voice...watch The Soup. It'll change your life.), we found a kitty and we brought her home. Mittens hated her. And then she had ringworm. So we had to get rid of her. The vet said that we couldn't trust Callie (our sweet kitten) around our girls for the first year of her life. And that's just no way for any of us to live, kitty included. So she went on to another home that could take the time and care and patience it takes to get rid of ringworm. I miss her.

I painted tonight. I hate painting. I hate anything with paper, really. I bought this adorable planner last year and then I stopped writing in it. I have one million journals and they're all empty. Maybe it's because my damn arm goes numb when I try to use it and I'm right handed. Who knows? No matter. I hate using paper products and paint to do crafty crafts. But I did tonight. I have had this flower decal on a canvas for a few years and I loved it. Plain. Simple. Cute. And today when I passed it, I knew it was boring and I had to change it up. Check my Instagram if you want to see a picture. It's adorable and messy on purpose. Because it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Which brings me to....I finally finished my pillows for our couch!! And I half assed them. I sewed the bottoms of them shut on my sewing machine instead of by hand for a cleaner finish. I did one by hand and then I got pissed off and stabbed my fingers AND my leg, so no. Sewing machine. And again, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Thanks for that, The Nester. It's my new life motto. And I love it.

Also, I quit reading Gone Girl yesterday. It was SO BORING. I don't think I even got to page 50. So now I'm reading The Last Anniversary. I'm going to start watching Gilmore Girls tonight, too. Because I just decided and I'm awesome like that.

I've gotten so much done off my to-do list this week. It makes me feel amazing. I love getting rid of stuff and I'm constantly purging. I'm a nerd. And I love me. The end.

One more thing. Well, two. I got my first ever nose bleed today AND I made mashed potatoes for the first time today. Yay for being 30. Or something.

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