04 October 2014

Saturday Tuesday.

Okay so first let me explain the title of my blog post. A couple months ago, we discovered Taco Tuesday, thanks to my husband. So the girls loved it. And they heard it on The Lego Movie. So anyway, one Saturday we got tacos from Rosa's Cafe and we were talking about how today isn't Tuesday but we could still eat tacos. And then Makayla said Saturday Tuesday! I think she was trying to say Saturday Taco and then Saturday Tuesday came out. She's hilarious and I love her so much. So there you go.

It's been one week since Adam took off part of his finger. It's healing nicely but he's still in a lot of pain. Last Saturday morning, he was cutting some cucumbers on a mandolin style slicer (the one with just a flat blade that your finger can go right through) and he was cutting and sliced his finger with the cucumber. So we headed to the ER and got him all fixed up. One week later and it still sucks, but hopefully his finger tip will grow back. :)

We had a fun day today. I got to sleep in because I am, like, constantly tired. Probably because I'm too fat and blah blah blah. Whole 30 will be happening once I can research it and stuff. Or something close to it. I know things need to change.

Annnnnyway, we went to the library because my girls are OBSESSED with books. Makayla has been reading chapter books since this summer and she LOVES going to pick out new ones. She has read pretty much the entire series of Rainbow Fairies and there's like a gazillionty of those books. She is a speed reader, too! Recently she has found a couple other series she loves, as well. It's so fun to get to see her be so excited to pick out new books, even before she's done with her other books. Just like her mama! I have like nine books checked out and I got two more today. I can't stop. I won't stop. I got this book called Wheat Belly. I'm kind of excited to read through it.

Addison is just as obsessed as her big sis. She LOVES princess and fairy books and pretty much any Disney book. We go to the library at least twice a week, usually more than that. We are a book loving family!

We went to this place called Noodles BTH for dinner and it was amaze. SO YUM. I would eat it every day if I could. And CHEAP! We fed our entire family of five for under $40. That is always awesome. And it was fresh and delicious and just, ugh. SO GOOD.

Then we went grocery shopping. The girls were great...at least most of the time. It's hard to go shopping when you have three tiny humans asking and asking and asking you questions all the time. But I love my girls and I wouldn't change them for the world. They're sweet little stinkers. :)

I'm off to binge watch Switched at Birth because when I went to start Gilmore Girls last night, I found out there were new epis of SAB on Netflix and OMG. I die. I freaking LOVE that show. So I'm finishing that before I start anything else.

Hope you guys had a great Saturday! I'm looking forward to another chill day tomorrow. It's cooling off here and I am SO excited!!! Maybe I won't die from heat stroke when I decide to leave my house now. That would be fun.

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