05 October 2014

One Year Ago.

I'm writing this on my iPhone, which is so unlike me. But I totally forgot to write a post today! I've had this one brewing all day, though.

It was one year ago today that Addison got her first ever haircut. I know it's probably not a big deal to most people, but I will never forget that day. Adam brought her in to see me and I cried and cried and cried. Right before I was in this stupid wedding, too. Man oh man, I could NOT get over my Addi girl's hair.

So one year later, it has grown back. But the sweet little curl is gone forever. Thank goodness for pictures. And thank goodness I took tons. Adam got her hair cut without me knowing it and he saved some of her hair, but not the curl. I even had him call the salon to see if they could get it for me. She became a little girl that day.

And my heart breaks every time I think about it.

Babiea grow up. They get haircuts. They go to preschool. It's all part of the process. I know I need to let go of that curl. But I wasn't ready. I don't know if I ever would have been ready.

It's funny the things you never forget. And this is one of those things. October 5th will always be a day I remember.

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